Thursday, April 17, 2008


That was a wretched display of playoff hockey. I know I thought the Bs might win last night, but not because the Habs gave up. But they did. They gave up, after the Buckner-like Price giveaway on the go-ahead goal. They sucked. Maybe they got too cocky after a superior first period. But whatever the reason, (PRICE) they didn't deserve to win.

Yuck. I didn't want to see them play on Saturday. Ewwww. That is all.


Unknown said...

Fans will probably blame the loss on Price but I'm extremely worried by the fact that we've only scored three goals in the last three games, against what is IMHO, a very shaky goalie.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

The only thing that will take away the bad taste in our mouths after that one is a total spankification of the Bruins tomorrow night. They lose tomorrow night and they might as well don their togas because they're joining the Sens.