Saturday, May 3, 2008

What a ride!

Well, you have to admit, it was a great ride. Who would have thought, back in September, that we'd still be talking hockey in May? Honestly, not many of us. So, yeah, it was a successful season.

There are issues, though. For next season. But since we have lots of time, I'll blog about them tomorrow.

Thanks, Habs for a wonderful season. Thanks for not losing more than three in a row all year to keep our spirits up during a long winter. Thanks for showing the youth can really contribute. Thanks for being exciting, and fast and fun to watch. You were great, and this loss doesn't take away from that.

I'm sad tonight...especially because I really threw my heart into rooting for a win. I hope Carey's lousy performance means Karma will even up and he'll steal a couple for his team in the future. It's hard to swallow losing to an inferior team. But, such is life. And the beat goes on. We'll be back next year...that much more experienced and qualified to make a good run.



Anonymous said...

At the beginning of the season, I predicted that the team would not make the playoffs. I thought it would be a painful season to watch. I was wrong on both counts.

I like the guys on this team. They're a group of young men with which I liked being associated. They played with honour, and they ignited their fans all over the world.

Let us hope that elite players on other teams recognize that the glory, leadership, and tradition of winning is back.

The ashes of this campaign will feed our return to battle.

Brian said...

Yes, last night was painful. (It's always painful when the Habs go out because they only hang championship banners.) The team is in very good hands now and we should all be optimistic going forward. Next year's edition will be a better squad than this year's. I have no insight into Bob Gainey's thinking, but I have to believe that they are well ahead of plan. This year's team was truely a treat to watch and was the closest thing we've seen to Fire Wagon hockey in a very long time.