Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whoo Hoooo (or not)

It's finally the first day of August! It's the day Mats Sundin is finally going to announce which team's generous offer he'll accept, and which colours he'll be wearing at training camp next month. Or not. It might just be the day that's within a two-or-three-week window of Sundin's decision. Or, it might be the day on which the big bald Swede decides he actually *will* play another year rather than simply pack it in...but not the day on which he picks a team. Today might be a soft deadline. Or a ballpark deadline. Has anyone ever explained to J.P.Barry and Mats Sundin what the word "deadline" actually means?

Only one thing seems certain today, and that's that Sundin will have chosen a team by the time this month is over. Or not. He could retire. Although, considering his performance last season and his agent's body language, I'd say that's not likely. So, I guess it's safe to say that by this time next month, Big Mats will be a Hab.

Or not.

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