Saturday, December 20, 2008

P.S. Sundin, the last word

I know I said earlier that I feel nothing for Sundin's signing in Vancouver. Well, shortly after I wrote that, I heard a telephone interview with him from Sweden. He said Vancouver was his first choice all along, and, get this, "it was an easy decision." When I heard that, I felt something alright. Disgust.

Either he's a complete liar (which is what I suspect because indications were that the Rangers were his first choice all along and Vancouver the consolation prize when the Big Apple didn't work out) or he's an egotistical ass who knew he was going to Vancouver and jerked all the other teams along for months, just to watch them beg.

So, whether the ultimate verdict is that Sundin is a liar, or that he's an ass, either way I'm disgusted with him. I still don't care that he chose Vancouver as a perfectly free free agent. I don't care that he'll play there and I don't wish him any ill. When the Habs play like they did against Philly, they're very very good without him.

But the way he handled everything was unfortunate, and his post-signing comments are both ingenuous and disgusting. Blech. And, to quote Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that.

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Larry said...

It is classy of you to not wish him any ill. I however cannot say the same. Actually I don't necessarily wish him ill on the personal level, I just hope he never plays another playoff game. Despite my hatred of the Leafs I never really minded Sundin in the past. I found for the most part when the Habs and Leafs met he was a good winner and a good loser. He never rubbed it in when the Leafs won and if the Habs played a good game in defeat and deserved better he would often say so. But he tried my patience with his charade of the last 6 months and I lost my respect for him. I was against the Habs signing him from the start. We were good enough to win last year without him and I think if we pull together this year we can do without him again.