Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thoughts From My Mind

Random thoughts that occurred to me today:

-I wonder if Carey Price is watching Varlamov and Ward and the way they're performing in the playoffs, and I wonder if he is, what he's thinking? I'm guessing no, and not much...in that order.

-When I heard Pierre McGuire is short-listed for the Minnesota GM job I realized if he gets it, he'll pay Mike Komisarek six million bucks. Because Komisarek is a MONSTER!!

-How many signatures on a petition would it take to make sure Mike Milbury never speaks again? I'd honestly go out and collect them if I could be sure it would pay off. And if that worked, I'd collect just as many to shut Bob Cole up permanently. Can you believe he said the puck went off Varlamov's "fat head?" Nice, Bob. You senile bastard.

-I guess Bettman's crying in his beer...or whatever it is garden gnomes drink...now that one of his beloved sunbelt babies has croaked. I feel sorry for the fans in Phoenix, but I laugh at Bettman's finally having to cave to Balsillie AND give in to the reality of another team in Canada. (Oh, the horror!) The funny thing is, the Hamilton Steelers, or whatever the Yotes will soon be called, will already be better than the leafs. Phoenix has a ton of good young players and is about four years ahead of Toronto in the rebuilding process. It'll be fun to watch TO lose to Hamilton consistently.

-One good thing came of all the crap this season: The boys have learned the internet is a dangerous thing when you're famous. It was about this time last year the infamous Mexico pictures hit the 'net and were still haunting the players a month ago. This year? Not a photo to be found.

-And speaking of the infamous Mexico pics, I wonder why everyone got so angry about the shots of Price smoking, but nobody blinked an eye at the one of Stewart barfing into a hotel flower pot?

-Getting prepped for the draft is a lot of fun. The Memorial Cup is always a good last chance to see some prospects before the big day. The Habs will have lots of good players to choose from. Hope they pick a helpful one. A centre would be really nice. And a guy who doesn't marinate in college and the minors for five years before he plays an NHL game would be even nicer.

-I wonder where Gainey's gone on his holidays? I have a secret dream it'll turn out like "World's Greatest Athlete." Remember that Disney movie from the seventies? The one where the college coach is off in the jungle and finds this super athlete he brings back to the States to become a multi-sport champion? I have visions of Gainey wandering into the only rink in Jerusalem or Tokyo and discovering a hidden superstar which he then signs before anyone else knows about him. Yup...this is what it's come to.

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