Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do Something Already!

I'm bored. The Cup Finals are winding down and the draft is just over two weeks away. The Canadiens have a LOT to do before the season starts, and even though I'm not exactly expecting miracles, I still wish something would happen. For news-starved Habs fans (who have as much hope of having their team actually playing in June as they do of meeting a talking fish who grants them three wishes), this is the time of year when even re-signing the Breezer would be titillating.

I'm at that stage now, where I log onto the computer in the morning with that half-hopeful/half-fearful sense of anticipation: Today must be the day something happens. It's exactly three weeks to July 1, and Saku said he figured he'd be gone if not re-signed by then. Surely Gainey's not planning to leave it all until the last minute, right?

Come on, Bob. Throw us a bone. Announce something! I hear Breezer's sitting by his phone, refusing even to golf or polish his racecar for fear of missing your call. Saku's getting all shrivelly in the sauna while he tries to figure out if he should have a Habs-memorabilia yard sale on July 2. Poor Komisarek can't decide if he should stock up on blue-and-orange sweats or if he should hold off and just use the money to pay his agent an appreciation bonus for getting him out of the northeast and away from Lucic. Ray Shero is watching Jordan Staal's price tag increase and rubbing his hands together in glee as he calculates what he'll get for the kid in a draft-day trade. You need to move Bob!

If there is a lot of stuff just about to be revealed, that's great. But it's too quiet in Habs-world lately. Much too quiet.


Unknown said...

Sounds like the NHL has asked everyone to keep a low profile until the playoffs are over. This and other depressing news here:

Unknown said...

Argh, the LEAFS just hired Francois Allaire. This just keeps going from bad to worse.

J.T. said...

David: I know everyone's freaking out about Allaire, but I don't see why. I admit that in my uninformed opinion, I thought Allaire would be good in Montreal. Maybe Gainey didn't agree though. Maybe he didn't even approach Allaire because he didn't think he's the right guy for Price and Halak. Perhaps he's right. In the end, the goalie coach is probably the least of our worries. And good luck to Allaire in turning Toskala and Pogge into championship goalies.

When I'll get REALLY mad will be when the leafs sign coveted-UFA goalie Jonas Gustavsson. Until then...meh. It's a goalie coach. Just because he meshed with Roy doesn't mean he's the right guy for the current Habs goalies.

Unknown said...

As usual what you say makes sense. :-) Thing is, Allaire seemed to also have a magic touch with Giguere and, uh, whatever that guy's name was for Anaheim in this year's playoffs (I've already forgotten his name! Oh, Hiller, right?). Could be that wherever he goes, good goalies happen.

I hope you're right though, and that Bob's got something brewing with a coach that meshes well with Price, such as Kolzig or whatever. It's definitely true that hiring the highest profile candidate for any job doesn't always pan out.

J.T. said...

I hope I'm right too! After all, Allaire's taught some pretty crappy goalies as well...remember Red Light?

As for the leafs, I'm more concerned with Burke's attractiveness for prime free agents. I was disappointed to see collegiate player Tyler Bozak sign in Toronto. And I'm not looking forward to how well he'll do on July 1.

DB said...

Write something already! I'm bored. No new posts since June 10th. What do you expect your loyal readers to do? Read newspapers?