Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ballad of the Run of Twenty-Ten

One point was all they needed in the last game of the year.
They had to pull it off against T-O.
But points were rare as diamonds and our hearts were filled with fear
'cause truculence makes Habs confused and slow.

Still, losing in the shootout gave the Habs the point they craved;
the playoffs on the last shot, guaranteed.
Although the lowly eighth place wasn't quite the season "saved,"
we knew not what the finish would precede.

The Caps up first, the league's best team. A real tough way to start.
Few people gave the Habs a fighting chance.
'Cause no one thought such talent could be beaten by just heart
and a goalie determined to advance.

Our goalies might be better, honest Tom Plekanec said.
"That's Jagr?" Jose Theodore replied.
Halak controlled Game One while kind of standing on his head.
Tom Jagr scored to prick old Theo's pride.

Game Two looked like an upset with a three-to-nothing lead.
Then refs became unfortunately blind.
The Caps took back their home ice with impressive, blazing speed.
We Habs fans thought our team was in a bind.

The next two games sure proved it, with the Caps up three-to-one.
But then the unexpected came to pass.
The Habs all pulled together and their season wasn't done.
Gill even put Ovechkin on his ass.

Game Five arrived, our hopes were low, their backs were to the wall
An early goal by Cammy kicked it off.
Moen tossed a backhand in, with Halak still standing tall
Then even Ovy hadn't room to scoff.

There's a place, a zone, a planet, where special goalies go
where nothing from the outside touches them
Game Six belonged to Jaro, with old Ovy throwing snow,
Cammy helped, but our goalie pitched a gem.

Game Seven was a thriller, one that no one could expect
A loss in it would surely be no shame.
But Bergie fired a rocket and Dom Moore earned some respect.
Without Spacek, the Habs squeaked out the game.

The Caps were down, the Pens were next: the Stanley-winning team
Despite all odds, our hopes began to rise.
The Penguins quickly crushed them, though Subban's goal fuelled the dream
They didn't see the fire in Cammy's eyes.

Habs wouldn't drop another one before they tied it up
Mike Cammalleri scored another two.
Gio came on board as well, to make sure the win was theirs
But Cammy's bat from mid-air was the cue.

The champs weren't lying down, though, and they came out fighting hard
The third game was a blank, honestly won
The fourth one saw the Habitants fight back and tie the card
On weird-goal night, Laps had the extra one.

The see-saw see-sawed in Game Five and Fleury stole the show
Halak was good, but just not good enough.
Crosby smiled and knew his team would crush his unworthy foe
The Habs bore down; they knew they had it tough

Gill and Gorges sacrificed, they took lots of bruises back.
Spacek fired a bomb, hurt his spinning head.
Back and forth they went until Lapierre joined the attack.
Sid Crosby cracked his stick and swore in dread.

The showdown came on Pittsburgh ice, Pens confidence was shot
Sid, in the box when Gio scored the first
Moore and Cammy scored the next two and Moen, too, got hot
Gonchar got stripped and then the Pens dream burst.

The Flyers were the next team, but by then the Habs were done.
Sometimes the bravest, greatest fighters fall.
So, although they fell to Philly, by God that run was fun.
For two sweet months, the Habs held us in thrall.

Thanks to Gill and Gorges and to our Cammy and Halak.
And to Gio, to Pyatt and Subban.
We hope they will pick up right there again when they get back.
But still, we are so proud of every man.


sass said...

*eyes well up*
hear hear!
beautifully worded.
now can next season start already?

Anonymous said...

I remember waking up at 7AM to watch the games in Hong Kong. This brings back good memories. I liked that you made everything rhyme, but unfortunately it was at the cost of the rhythm and meter. Good work anyways!

moeman said...

Does anyone know if J.T. is married?

Anonymous said...

The Ballad of Jaro
(With sincere apologies to Faron Young's Ballad of Paladin - Sorry Mr Young I couldn't help myself)

Have glove will travel
reads the card of a man.
A goalie without big pads
in a strange strange land.
An agent for hire
heeds the calling tweets.
His soldier of fortune
is headed for the streets.
Halak Halak where do you roam
Halak Halak far far from home.

He travels onwards to
wherever he must.
A modest career record
bound for bust.
There are campfire legends
that the NHLPA sing.
Of a man with the glove
but nary a ring.
Halak Halak where do you roam
Halak Halak far far from home

His will was like iron,
his fans was the same.
The trade was denied,
they still feel the shame.
The Blues have him now,
the dollars in the bank.
Looking for that first rounder,
but only if they tank.
Halak Halak where do you roam
Halak Halak far far from home

Far far from home far far from home

PS: Told ya Kovalchuk's contract was void (and I never say told ya - just this once)