Friday, November 4, 2011

The Streak Continues - Habs vs.Sens

Anybody else sick of telling leafs fans, "Talk to me in April?"

Gill's reminding us why a ten-foot stick is good on the P.K. Price must have a long one too.

Habs looking as good as Wild Bill on the draw so far tonight.

Sometimes Hal Gill has an out-of-body experience and plays like Ray Bourque. Tonight may be one of those nights.

I might be wrong (happens a lot), but I think Lars Eller has a chance of making the Halak trade look like pure genius.

I wonder how long players spend practicing flipping the puck into their hands to give to the linesmen, while looking completely nonchalant?

If a D is supposed to give up a penalty shot for closing his hand on the puck, what should Gonchar get for catching and throwing it out?

On these nights when the Habs have a thousand chances, do they ever score?

David Desharnais is really a tiny miracle. Who would have put him in the NHL two years ago?

Okay, Habs are dominating through half the game now. That means they're gonna lose, right?

Just noticed I'm asking a LOT of questions tonight.

Ha ha! Chris Neil with a nosebleed. I hope Desharnais gave it to him.

Cole scores his third, and Martin is frantically writing in his notebook. Hope it says, "I will not limit his ice...I will not limit his ice...I will not..."

I know people hate him 'cause he's dumb, but he scores! Sign AK to an extension!

It sucks when the PK gives up a goal, but when it's obviously cleared and the linesman flubs the call, that sucks. Fortunately not this time

One would think a team with a big "O" on its sweaters would feel like a bunch of losers. So far, not so much.

Nice job Pleks, mirroring Foligno and annoying the life out of him.


Anonymous said...

I'm really puzzled as to Cole's ice time-only 13:07-he gets a goal but still plays less than Moen and several others.
I'm of two minds-I like the win-but I want JM to be gone,is that crazy ?
Thanks JT

V said...

Coach wins four games in a row and people still want him fired. Well, they want him drawn and quartered and then fired.

Tough town.

Steve said...

The question about Eller is can he learn to score?

Anonymous said...

No we want the coach gone because he does not know how to manage his talent and always goes with experience. Look at what he did to stunt the growth of Spezza when he was in Ottawa. With a real coach this kid could have really done things. I realize that all players have a responsibility to play defense but when a stallion wants to run you don't reign him in. As for Gomez the teams needs to address this "mistake" and make a business decision and move on. Bring back Captain Kirk and dump J/M now before any more damage is done to our young and future stars. What does he have on Gainey and Gauthier to keep his job anyway.