Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My little plea

Oh great hockey gods, and immortal spirits of the Rocket, Howie and Boom Boom, hear my plea! Please, in all your wisdom, ensure the eyes of your servant Bob remain open and fixed on the goal. Let them not be clouded by the fleeting glories of the Hossa.

For the great Slovak's power is immense, but costly. His goals are wonderful to behold, but his very presence will strip the assets from your roster. The years he will require of you will drain the youth from your squad as quickly as they mature. We have learned in this era of the Holy Cap that the superstar stands alone with the salary he commands, and the length of his contract will tie your hands. It is far, far better that you shall build a team with the very good, but not the great. For those that hold the sacred Cup are those who earn it together.

A year of Mats is desirable. Eight years of Hossa is an anchor. So please, ghosts of you who were great, intervene if you must. We trust Bob to be smart and not mire the team he's built in a sea of mediocrity because he can't afford a supporting cast. But if he should be dazzled by his cap space and the slick highlight reel of Hossa, distract him until Sather buys yet another UFA for his collection.

This is my prayer and my plea.

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