Friday, June 6, 2008

Nothing to do with the Habs

I don't often feel the need to express an opinion here that doesn't relate to the Habs or really, even hockey as it pertains to the game on the ice. But lately something's been bothering me, and it gets worse every time I see it.

It's Alexander Ovechkin's teeth. Or, more specifically, his lack of teeth. I don't know exactly when Ovechkin lost his left front tooth, but it's been long enough that he could have had a replacement made by now. The gaping hole in his mouth makes him look like a hillbilly, and he wasn't exactly GQ material before. It started to irritate me when he began to appear in interviews in a suit and no tooth. It reached a head this week, when he received the Art Ross trophy as the league's leading scorer and posed with the beautiful trophy in an expensive suit and missing tooth.

Come on, Alex. You have just signed the most expensive contract in NHL history. You can afford a tooth! Jeez.


Kuma-chan said...

I noticed that too. He reminds me of a little kid singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.." But I guess if you're good, it doesn't matter how many teeth you have.

CDK said...

Ryan Smyth is guilty of this as well.