Saturday, October 11, 2008

Game Two: Habs vs. leafs

Notes on the second:

-Gui! looking great tonight. I wonder if there'll be a spot for Higgins on the second line when he comes back?

-Breezer's best quality is his porcelain skin. He bleeds like a hemophiliac, which is going to get his team lots of four-minute PPs.

-Speaking of the PP, Tanguay's like a cat burglar with the keys to the Crown Jewels. He was made for this team.

-I wonder what Gainey was writing on that pad after the second Sergei Kostitsyn goal? Maybe "Ole, ole, ole, ole..."

-If I ever make a Habs drinking game, it's going to have "Lapierre passes on a 2-on-1" as the trigger to chug the bottle. Only problem is, you'd come away sober.

-Faceoffs and the PK...two big questions before the season started...both looking good early.

-Halak is slick as the wake of the Exxon Valdez. I hope the team can keep him happy enough to keep him.

-I want Cujo.

Notes on the first:

-Okay, I'm keeping a running tally on Komisarek's bid for a new contract. I'm starting with a base figure of three million per, and after the first, he's hovering around 2.8 now.

-Gui! lost weight, learned how to skate and apparently got an injection of hockey sense along with his B12 over the summer. What a pass on the Hammer goal! Only thing with him is even though he's got skills, he always seems to be shocked to find himself in a position to use them.

-And, speaking of which, Hammer has decided to become a more offensive tool. Seven shots last night and a goal tonight. I hope he keeps it up.

-The fourth line is doing what a fourth line should...keep the opposition pinned in their own end while the good players get a breather. Can't ask more of them than that, really.

-Plekanec playing keepaway with the leafs' D has made this game worth watching, all on its own. It's like watching a bunch of kids be amazed when the birthday-party magician pulls a bouquet of roses out of his sleeve.

-Halak is smooth as fresh ice, and just as cool. I don't know what it is, but he reminds me a bit of Roy.

-Kovalev can probably pull a loonie out of Toskala's ear while he's scoring on him...he's that magical.

-Lapierre isn't convincing me he misses the smell of diesel exhaust. He might get a sniff of it on Steeltown buses if he's not careful.

-Grabovski doesn't look as little like an NHLer with the leafs as he did with the Habs.


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