Friday, October 10, 2008

Likin' the Langy, not so much the Tangy

First game, first loss. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not "technically" a loss because they got the loser point. But it's still not the glorious start to the Centennial we were all hoping for. In the first game, loss though it was, I thought Carey Price played pretty decently, lousy high shots to the stick side in the SO notwithstanding. Pleky tried hard, but Kovy and AKost were MIA. And Lang was grand...scored a beauty and made some heady plays later in the game.

The captain didn't look like he's all that concerned about earning another contract and Komisarek seemed to be Back to the Future in his own rookie season, especially on the Sabres' goal. I'm not sure Markov was aware the season has begun. And Latendresse may be faster, but not so much gooder.

All in all, not the bang I was hoping for when it comes to opening hundredth seasons of legendary franchises. And the leafs aren't going to be total pushovers. Ron Wilson has taught them to play western style "choke you till you give up the lousy puck" trap, and they forecheck like rabid pitbulls. So, if our boys get out of this weekend with three points, it'll be pretty good.

Let's hope the "A" squad shows up for the leafs. I just can't bear the taunting if they don't.

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