Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buffalo vs. Montreal

Okay, gentle reader: Some of you have been asking for period summaries on the blog. As they say, ask and you shall receive. But I warn you, there will be angst and sarcasm and way too many similes of varying degrees of ridiculousness and, if the Habs are winning, unadulterated cheerleading. If that's okay with you, read on and feel free to throw your own comments in too.

Notes on the third:

-The biggest dilemma of the Centennial season: What do you pay Mike Komisarek for next year? If he was RFA, it'd be less than two million. But he's UFA so...

-I spend WAY too much time yelling "GET UP" at the TV when watching Habs goalies. Maybe Rollie should reconsider his "drop on every shot" strategy.

-It's great to have a "number one line" but if they can only score on the PP, are they still dangerous?

-Higgins is the new Gainey. Dryden wrote about the first time he saw Gainey. It was on TV during Dryden's sit-out year. He says he saw this guy who could skate like the wind, blow past a couple of defenders and take a good, hard shot on net. He says it was only later that he discovered the guy (Gainey) couldn't score. Is that Higgins or what?

-I really like Metropolit. He's a guy who kills himself for whatever team he's playing for. He's just happy to be in the show.

-I hate the shootout. Seriously. Whatever was wrong with a tie?

Notes on the second:
-I was afraid last year that Hamrlik wouldn't maintain his great play for the full four years of his contract. Now I'm afraid I was right.

-If the Habs miss the playoffs at this point, it'll be for two reasons: Missing open nets and Patrice Brisebois. Boy, the Breeze is done. O'Byrne can't really be consistently worse, can he?

-Why can the Sabres goalie come back from an ankle injury with back-to-back strong games when the Habs' guy struggles for six weeks? Miller's hotter than Middle Earth.

-I don't think I've been happier to see a guy rewarded for hard work more than I was to see Higgins score that goal. That was like Old Yeller getting a reprieve at the end of the movie.

-Oh Captain, my Captain! He's like the wick in the candle. The secret vodka in the punch bowl.

-Kovalev's strength is in his scruff. Since he let the early playoff beard grow, he's been on fire.

-Oh boy...can you hear the Bruins sweating?

-Price is going to have to be very strong in the third because the Sabres won't die. This is their year in twenty minutes.

Notes on the first:

-I wonder if the Centennial loonies are worth the nickel alloy they're minted on? Or does their exchange rate fluctuate based on how badly the Habs suck on a given day?

-Mathieu Dandenault must have been put on earth to negate icings. Picasso painted, Hemingway wrote novels and Dandenault chases loose pucks. Who says we don't all have a talent? This time last year I wouldn't believe I'm saying this, but I'm really glad he's still a Hab.

-Ooh, boy, Mrs.Kovy is gettin' some tonight. L'Artiste is frisky!

-Lapierre is really reminding me of Mario Tremblay...the player. Snippy and gritty and tough as nails and able to hurt you on the scoreboard too.

-Higgins kills penalties like the leafs kills their fans' hopes. Quickly and definitively.

-The Habs look like they've finally turned the corner, but that was one hell of a straightaway of suck, wasn't it?

-I don't know what TK's fight record is, but I think it's safe to say he's not going to challenge Laraque in the wins column any time soon.

-Breezer scares me more than Freddy, Jason and the threat of an alien invasion all rolled into one.

-Hope the boys can keep skating in the second. You have to think last night's game might have made the Slugs tired. Right?


Unknown said...

Hey JT. Lovin' these period summaries!

Unknown said...

I so agree about Hamrlik. What a pity. Get him his mojo back. Now.

Anvilcloud said...

Thanks. You do good work.

twocents said...

The shootout blows harder than a November gale on Lake Superior.

Tom The Bomb really should just stop. At this point he is becoming a punching bag for any opposition player who is frustrated.

Unknown said...


punkster said...

Thanks for the good read J.T. Always enjoy your views. As for Tom's fighting I can only say that we shouldn't really care about his W/L record. Have we ever seen him give less than 100% in a game? As you have acknowledged many times he has heart.

Unknown said...

This is one of the best written Habs Blog. Keep it up!