Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chicago vs. Montreal

Notes on the third:

-I think that sweet and sour odor you might smell is Ryan O'Byrne rotting away in the pressbox.
-Hmmm...the prison shirts might have been banished, but it seems their cursed legacy lives on. Hamrlik AND Sergei Kostitsyn gone for any length of time will make this run a lot harder. Is there no end to the injuries this year?

-Stupid Senators. It seems the Habs really will have to take their own destiny in hand if they're going to make the playoffs. Not that that's a bad thing.

-Price played a great game overall...but he's just not a shutout goalie. Some weird shot always seems to beat him. Too bad. I thought he had a goose tonight.

-The defence looked much more organized than they have recently overall. Maybe they've replaced Jarvis with Martha Stewart as D coach.

-Gainey hockey is back in Montreal. I feel good about the team right now.

Notes on the second:

-It's funny how when an injured player goes back to the bench, nobody speaks to him and his teammates look like they want to make signs of ward to keep the bad luck away.

-Lapierre and Latendresse should never be separated. They're like siamese twins connected at the brain.

-I'm afraid to say much about Price. My superstition knows no bounds when it comes to placating the goalie gods.

-Too bad about the taunting of Huet. He's the least deserving of a whole bunch of ex-Habs who don't deserve taunting in the Bell Centre, enemy or not.

-Why does the Habs play in their own end so often resemble a frantic rush to orgasm in the back of a Volkswagon Rabbit?

-I love the Smiling Markov. It's like spotting a rainbow on a cloudy day.

-Schneider said when he arrived in Montreal that if the team could put up one PP goal per game, they'd be more likely to be a winning game. The vet knows what he's talking about.

-I'm really glad the boss-man killed the prison unis for tonight. Those things are a tri-coloured fabric curse.

-Go (gag)Sens(gag) Go!

Notes on the first:

-I wonder if there's such a thing as a consistent Kostitsyn? Say THAT five times fast!

-I didn't even have time to cheer on Kovalev's goal. It was more like a surprised hiccup, a laugh and then a little bit of feeling bad for Huet that quickly passed.

-I'm glad Higgins is playing tonight. It seems every time he finds a role for himself, illness or injury knocks him out of it. He's been stellar in his defensive role. Like Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke.

-Uh oh...after that first early goal, Huet looks slightly cross-eyed behind his mask. That's not a good sign for the Habs.

-The D is playing much better in the last few games, but you can't help but worry that every chance the opposition gets has an even-money chance of going in. I think I'm gun-shy after some of the atrocities committed against my fanship this season.

-Not to be mean, but Mike Komisarek has one goal and seven assists this year. So why does he think it's a good idea to pinch as often and as deep as he does?

-Good to see the brotherly love between the Kostitsyns, but I hope Sergei's not hurt. I think he's the best chance to complete his brother and Pleks as an effective line.

-Price is standing up. Pierre McGuire can blather all he wants about how Price's confidence shows in his puck-handling, but to me it shows when he's not flopping around like a dying salmon with no idea where the puck might be.

-Habs look like they've been skating in concrete boots since Christmas and have just been sprung for the playoff race. Hope they can keep it up in the second.


AL said...

Thank you for writing your period summaries! I always enjoyed reading them on Habs Inside/Out. I was disappointed when you stopped writing for HIO, but I understand and respect your motivation. I am extremely happy to see that you are now writing them on your blog. I enjoy your take on the games and appreciate your sense of humour.

Go Habs Go!

punkster said...

"Why does the Habs play in their own end so often resemble a frantic rush to orgasm in the back of a Volkswagon Rabbit?"
I would have said a Vauxall Viva but then who would have gotten it? J.T. that one made me blow beer out my nostrils and ruined a perfectly good sweater. But it was worth it girl. Keep 'em coming!!!

deltazulu said...

I'd like to hear more about what happened in the back of the Volkswagon Rabbit please.