Thursday, April 2, 2009

Montreal vs. Islanders

Notes on the third:

-Dandy's been invisible tonight. Considering that he's filling in on D for Breezer, that qualifies as a fantastic night's work.

-Komisarek's alive! Call off the search!

-Tonight was the only time in my entire life that I was happy Rod Brind'Amour scored. I'll recant if anyone asks me later, though.

-TK on a penalty shot was very entertaining. It's as though when he was given the puck with no opposition, his brain short-circuited.

-I wish the Plekanec line would connect. But I think there's a loose wire there somewhere, and I suspect it's in Andrei Kostitsyn's head.

-Wow. Seventh. The view from here looks nice, but I think the Habs had better push for fourth. Anything to avoid Brodeur in the first round. I know they suck right now, but do you want to bet that would hold true against the Habs? Me neither.

Notes on the second:

-THAT'S better. The only thing that would make me more satisfied right now would be a goal from the CAT line. And some Hagen Daaz.

-Markov is better at the back-door sneak than Oscar Wilde.

-What is it with Habs goalies and the inability to nail down a shutout? This was Halak's best chance for the rest of the year, and he gives up a cotton ball like that.

-I guess Laraque earned the hundred and fifty grand he makes per fight. Now he can chill for a few games.

-Let's play "How many AHLers can beat Komisarek tonight?" I've seen three so far. I'll bet a deuce on seven for the game.

-It's amazing to me that after the darkness the team went through, they can still finish fourth. Wow. Can you imagine how the team would have done this year if it'd had a powerplay for seventy-five percent of it?

-Alex Tanguay has a better career points average than Vincent Lecavalier. I'm just sayin'...

-Just hoping nobody gets hurt in the third. Take the two and get out of town.

Notes on the first:

-If the Centennial season was an ice cream flavour, it'd be Rocky Road. If it was an Eagles song, it'd be Desperado. If it was a mineral, it'd be iron pyrite.

-Completely off topic, but I saw a picture of Carey Price in chaps tonight and realized, since he's Native Canadian, he's both a cowboy and an Indian. I wonder if he had conflicts of identity in his childhood games?

-Not an auspicious start. My TSN coverage lasted until the first Komisarek giveaway, then it was bye-bye Mcguire, hello Houde. From one Pierre to another. Just as well, because RDS is three seconds ahead of the TSN feed, so you get to watch the goals twice if you switch quickly.

-I wonder which Islander will be the next player to score his first NHL goal against the Habs?

-I keep forgetting Dandy's on D tonight, and wondering why he's out there with Kovalev and Tanguay.

-Anyone else think Komisarek's ass should be crazy-glued to the bench next time he plays pokey-check along the boards instead of nailing the guy?

-Give me a P. P! Give me an A. A! Give me a T. T! Give me an H. H! Give me an E. E!...ah never mind. You already know it's pathetic. And it's their play in their own zone...again. Halak's made some nice saves.

-The captain takes a knockin' but he keeps on rockin'. Thankfully someone goes to the net, even if he is the smallest forward on the team.

-Two posts so far. I'm sure the Habs must be leading the lead in that category.

-In a perfect world, Schneider would be only called out for powerplays. What a bomb!

-Watching the guys walking down the tunnel and the TV flunkies throw towels on the guys who are supposed to be interviewed, you can just see them thinking, "Not me, not me..."

-I hope there's more cohesion to this game in the second, because this needs to be a dominant win to keep the confidence going. Barely beating these guys is mentally as good as a loss.


Howard said...

The back door sneak??? Too funny!!! J.T. nice to read your blog far from the madding crowd if you know what I mean!

Lilly said...

i've missed reading your notes SO MUCH, i'm so glad to have found them on here. you always crack me up/give me food for thought. thanks JT!