Monday, April 6, 2009

Ottawa vs. Montreal

Notes on the third:

-Powerplay's really dead without Markov. I was hoping it wouldn't be so bad...but is.

-Honestly, I don't know what's the point of Laraque. Wouldn't Gainey have been so much better off buying a real defenceman instead?

-Watching the Habs try to get out of their own zone in that period was like watching a prisoner try to escape from Alcatraz.

-Screw Centennial Bricks: I'd pay $200 bucks toward a set of hands for Kostopoulos.

-Again, WHY is a team that's out of the playoffs and has nothing to gain from winning this game except a lower draft pick trying SO hard to beat the Habs? I hate these guys. May Heatley get a painful boil.

-One thing I'm curious about: Why is it the Habs so seldom hurt anyone? We see the Bs, leafs and even the lousy Lightning knock our guys out for months. But everyone goes home safe and sound from Habs games.

-I hate this season.

Notes on the second:

-It's a good thing Halak's a reflex goalie, with some of the rebounds he gives up. But...whatever works.

-Funniest moment of the period: Laraque on the faceoff asking Neil to go, and Neil replying "HELL, no!"

-O'Byrne's not this stupid in real life. If he were, he'd be wearing a helmet playing X-Box as well as hockey.

-I have a copy of Larry Robinson's "Robinson On Defence" instructional manual. I'd forfeit it to Komisarek, if I thought he'd read it.

-Okay, I cave. Kovalev is awesome and should be re-signed next year. BUT the caveat to that is that he shouldn't be expected to be the best guy on the ice for 82 games.

-The Habs are playing hard...but can someone tell me WHY the Sens are fighting so hard to win this one? It's not like it matters or anything. Add Ottawa to my growing pile of teams to hate. If they hurt a Hab before this is over, I'll seriously consider using my income-tax refund to hire Mike Danton's "guy."

-HAMMER! Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na...Hammer Time! Thank God the former first overall pick, drafted for his offensive accumen, has decided to go back to his roots.

-Okay, Gainey, over to you...but DON'T let them play kitty-bar-the-door, or you'll end up with cat scratch fever.

Notes on the first:

-Just to get this out of my system, I hope Mikhail Grabovski is haunted by the most bloodthirsty ghouls known to the Belarussian witch-women. I hope his face erupts in itching, bloody sores and while scratching them, he scratches out his own eyes. I hope he ends up begging on the streets of Minsk and turns tricks for broken-down ex-mobsters to buy hemorrhoid cream and feed his raging crack addiction.

-Seriously, can the Centennial be any MORE cursed? And I say this as a fairly superstitious hockey fan. But I no longer have any fear of the hockey gods. What else can they do to us?

-I was hoping the Habs would come out defiantly after the news about Markov and Schneider. I was hoping they'd say, "Yeah? In your face, hockey gods!" So far, it's not been too bad.

-I love how Timmins drafted tons of D two years ago, but boy, do I wish they were ready for tonight. Father Time's a real bastard, isn't he?

-Halak's got to be careful handling the puck. A miscue cost him a goal last game, and with the PP not likely to be providing three a night, every goal against is going to be painful. Love how he's stopping it though.

-I wish the NHL was like senior hockey, and a playoff team could pick up a couple of players from the eliminated teams. Now THAT would be fun. Imagine if Florida misses and the Habs could pick up J-Bo for the Cup run?

-Hey! Gainey's wearing his Easter suit. Very nice.

-WAH! The PP sucks without Markov. What a shock. It's like going from filet mignon to hamburger helper.

-Laraque on the PP was very Carbonish.

-Just once, I'd like to see a penalty shot go to a Hab with an actual chance of scoring on a breakaway. Seriously...TK, Higgins and Lats? Not only do the hockey gods hate us, they toy with us.

-Overall, the D in that period wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. But the O isn't there either. Here's hoping if this ends up 2-1, it's 2 for us.


Howard said...

Ditto on Grabovski! I only hope I live long enough to pass him by and accidentally kick him to the gutter where he belongs!
Nice pass by Janek to Higgins. We're gonna need a little of that Hamilton magic to get us through the next three weeks.

J.T. said...

There's Hamilton magic?

Howard said...

I know Bob is not one to suffer youth lightly. He'd rather go with Janek than bring in a PP specialist like Weber too soon. Same for Pacioretty, Dagostini, S.Kostitsyn et al. It's odd that he would stake so much on Price so soon. All I can say is that I hope Belleville is eliminated from the OHL playoffs, PK Subban signs a pro contract and carries on where he left off at the world juniors....I can dream can't I?

Howard said...

Note to J.T.: Tom Kostopoulos' hands ARE centennial bricks! It's time to bury the 100yr curse. The ghosts have made sure that their accomplishments were not taken in vain. And to think that all we had to do is lauch a massive marketing campaign and the cup would be ours! Not so easy, how about injuries to our best players, or putting a hex on Kovy for most of the season. You know, you can take those hideous jerseys, monopoly games, bricks, and all the other 100 yr paraphanalia and make a big bonfire. Good riddance!

Lilly said...

J.T., my friend whipped up this little ditty after the loss of Markov and Schneider. Given your description of Grabovski I thought you might enjoy it!

Smalrus said...

"-I hate this season"

Hilarious. It's true though. When Kyle McLaren took out Richard Zednik in 2002, the Habs did nothing. For a team that does well developing its draft picks in Hamilton, why is the depth-chart always thin when it counts the most (ie, playoff stretch with injured vets)?

James said...

Lilly- that's gruesome. Am I disturbed if I like it...?

I hate this season too J.T.
I can't wait for it to be over.

Lilly said...

James- not at all, I find the picture brings me a strange comfort. Grabovski boils my blood.