Saturday, April 18, 2009

Montreal vs. Boston Game 2

Notes on the third:

-One of the worst things about this is that our team is losing to a team coached by a guy who looks like an insurance salesman in an ill-fitting suit. Did Julien even pay $6.50 for that tie?

-If Jaro Halak had started this series, it'd be tied at one right now.

-Poor Pierre Houde...getting so excited about Lapierre on a one-on-three.

-Winner for Pathetic Moment of the Night: Gorges losing a fight to concussion-case Patrice Bergeron. Way to go, Josh!

-How much humilation will it take for the Habs to show some balls in response? They appear to be immune to embarrassment so far.

-You forget Hamrlik was drafted first overall. Makes you realize what a crapshoot the draft really is.

-On the five-minute PP...the only one of the game they had...I wondered if the Habs have actually forgotten they're supposed to be playing hockey.

-I thought Weber played pretty well, considering his complete lack of experience. I dream of a day when Weber, Subban, Pacioretty and McDonagh are making the Habs actually tough to play against.

-Start Halak in game three. Yeah, right.

-Gross. I'm going to have to root for the Rangers in the next round.

Notes on the second:

-The thing is, Laraque is actually doing his best. He's playing the most effective hockey he's ever played in the CH. But putting him with Koivu and Kovalev long-term is like putting Roseanne Barr in the kick line with the Rockettes.

-I think Gainey must have reminded Koviu in the intermission that his window for winning in the NHL is closing by the shift.

-Kovalev, Lapierre and Laraque? And I thought Carbo's lines were crazy!

-Speaking of Kovalev, he shoots like a precision rifle. Who would have thought he'd be the Hab most motivated to up his game in this series?

-Carey Price is an average goalie. There. I said it. Five goals on 26 shots? But, as I have lamented before, Bob Gainey loves him and will bow out with him in nets rather than play Halak.

-It's the Habs' own fault. If they'd tried a little harder in a couple of those games they blew earlier in the season, they could be beating Washington instead of getting owned by the Bs.

-It's kind of unbelievable that the Bruins have yet to take a penalty. I have a feeling they haven't been *that* well-behaved.

-The worst part about the second is that it wasn't the third. Twenty more minutes of agony to come.

Notes on the first:

-I think the All-Star skills competition should have a passing segment. Imagine Savard and Tanguay in that? It'd be like those old commercials where Gretzky knocks the puck off the scoreboard and into the net.

-Lucic really does look like Cro-Magnon Man, doesn't he? The hockey stick in place of the spear just completes the picture.

-I don't think it's a great sign that I'm excited to see Francis Bouillon in the lineup. That's just a measure of how my expectations have been lowered since October, I guess.

-If I'm going to die of a heart attack before I'm forty, it's going to be directly related to Carey Price wandering out of his net in the playoffs. Or Price completely losing sight of a loose puck in his crease.

-It'd be awfully nice to see our guys win a faceoff once in a while.

-I'm getting really sick of the Keystone Cop routine everytime there's a loose puck around the Habs' net. How could both Higgins AND Metropolit fail to clear that, leading to the Bruins' first goal?

-Schneider might be a godsend on the PP, but when the other guys aren't taking any penalties, he's more of a liability.

-The Lapierre line is much, much too quiet. It might be worth switching Higgins with TK, just to give them some jump.

-The worse part of this is I think the Habs have been outplaying the Bs for large chunks of the last game and this one, but they just don't get the breaks. This has really been the season from hell.

-Can you teach players how to win the puck on the boards? Because if you can, I think most of the Habs need to go to summer school.

-Okay Bob, Laraque on the first line was a nice gimmick for a while. But the team needs offence. Time to reunite your only good line, for the love of Stanley!

-I wonder who'd trade something decent for Hamrlik in the summer?

-I fear our guys are going down in four. I hate the Bruins so much. Especially that creature, Lurch.


Anonymous said...

Definitely painful that we have another 20 minutes to watch.

How come you stopped posting to Habs inside-out?

J.T. said...

@CBS: Too many idiots.

Silver in 16 said...

I'm worried (wow, as in, 'who isn't?'), but more for the long term. I'm worried that the team has quit on Carey.

I'm also worried that Bob is too locked into Carey, that he's looking at him as his "Ken Dryden", who will define his GMship when compared to predecessors, such as Sam Pollock -- rather than the Lou Lamoriellos of the league.

I guess we'll see tomorrow -- if Halak is in...who knows what might happen? If he comes back to Price...(hell, maybe I'VE quit on Price)?

That's the conundrum of playing/coaching/managing the Habs -- you're not only playing against the other 29 teams, you're also playing against the dynasties that threw you the torch.

Unknown said...

Rumor has it that Lucic was conceived in a Transylvania castle and that his father was a mad scientist.

habsrule24 said...

nodding my head.....what can i say???? im not liking carey, its sad to say but its true, this team lost the edge, the heart and passion, and above all,,,,the will to win. the glory days look more dry as the years go by. sorry mr. gainey your a great man, 6 years back with the habs,,no accomplishment. no cup and not one anytime soon, this team no matter how you change it and sit there and juggle the lines around, nothing is working, what can one line do? kovy tanguay koivu, thats all we have, we need a rebuild and look to youngsters no vetrans to move the team forward. saku i feel sorry for you, you work hard you try, i dont think your dream will come true, alex kovalev, the #1 most skilled player on team, i hope you resign for atleast two more years, your time is running short, ide love to see you with one cup in that habs uniform. gotta goes guys getting emmotional.

Leelawschool said...

I was at Game 2 and there wasn't one minute in that game were the Canadiens outplayed (per your post) the Bruins. Maybe the Hockey Night in Canada was censoring and cutting Bruin power plays........