Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boston vs. Montreal Game 4

Notes on the last period of the Disgusting Centennial:

-Nice of Ryder not to smile during his interview with Gelinas. Make fun of his paper airplanes if you like, but he'll be jetting to the second round while the Habs steer golf carts around.

-I bet Gorges and Price don't talk once during the summer.

-Have the Habs had a rebound this series? No? I didn't think so.

-They end the Centennial on the PK to a chorus of boos. Appropriate, I think.

-Swept. The humiliation is complete.

Notes on the second:

-The blind Price-love by a lot of fans is kind of amusing to watch, isn't it? Not that this game is his fault, but he's got a LOT of valiant defenders.

-Weber can really pass! He's got some nice vision and composure for all of his six NHL games.

-One small mercy: the Canadiens decided not to do the playoff beard thing. That would be just sad, to see them all scraping off a week of scruff tomorrow.

-Two things the Bruins do better than the Habs: pass the puck smartly and skate constantly rather than stand still with the puck.

-I never thought Ryder had bloodlust in his nature, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe it was worth giving him one more season, Bob?

-Speaking of which, Gainey's chewing his gum faster and faster as the "game" progresses. I wonder if he's hoping to grind himself out of existence, jaw first?

-The annoyance and the irony of RDS in one sequence: Brunet calling Latendresse "Guillaume" as though he's the president of the Lats fan club, followed immediately by a Centennial loonie commercial with Beliveau.

-Hey...might as well throw some salt in the wound and have Komisarek get punched in the face by Lucic. Again.

-Price pulling a Roy with the easy-save sarcasm is NOT cool. The kid needs to grow up. They might have been comparing him to Patrick, but he's about four Cups and three Conn Smythes short.

-I think of all the Bruins, even Lucic, I hate Kessel the most. He's such a pizza-faced turd. With four goals in four games against our Bulldogs.

-Okay, twenty minutes to get drunk, then on to the draft!

Notes on the first:

-Watching this on RDS rather than CBC because I find sarcasm easier to bear than pity.

-Shout out to our friends the St.Louis Blues, who spared the Habs the indignity of being the first team voted off Playoff Island. Still, with the way they've been drafting recently, I think the Blues will be a legit contender before the Habs will.

-That was a pretty comical freeze/double-take by Tiny Tim on Kostitsyn's goal. THAT wasn't in the sweep script.

-Add to the list of "if onlys": Imagine if Laraque had any talent at all? He's impossible to push off the puck, even by that bionic chimp, Chara.

-13:47 of that period: the first time Price looked anxiously behind him.

-Oh my hands are sweaty and my heart rate elevated even during THIS game. I'm pathetically Pavlovian when it comes to the Habs.

-Higgins is either playing his ass off for a new contract because he loves the Habs, or he's thrilled he can smell the end of this season and the joy has given him wings. Or maybe that's the (vodka) Red Bulls? Great play on the B's first PP regardless.

-Andrei Kostitysn passes like a blind eighty-year old in four-lane traffic: desperately and usually into a crowd.

-From here, it looks like Gainey has little Habs' logos on his tie. But I don't have HD...a good thing through most of this season.

-I swear to God I was thinking at the seventeen-minute mark that it'd be great if they got out of the period without allowing a ridiculous lapse in coverage for a stupid Bruins goal. As usual, the team surprised me by giving up TWO!

-Price hasn't been exactly stellar in this series, but his defence has been atrocious. They said Ryder's goal was unassisted, but it was very much assisted by Hamrlik.

-Okay, I said I'd crack a toast to this season once it was decided. I think it's decided. Bottoms up!

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Howard said...

Thanks JT! For all the good and mostly bad that this season has wrought, your inimitable point of view has made it all the less palatable :P