Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is You 'Appy?

Here in Newfoundland, the wonderfully funny band Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers sing a song called "Is You 'Appy?" The lyrics go, in part, "I now how hard it's got, And your guts is gone to rot, And yer life is all upsot, And yer flashin' cold and hot, But suck back yer nasal drip Stiffen up yer lower lip Yer not goin' to be missed So 'tis just as well to be 'appy."

It kind of reminds me of this "glorious" (more like goriest) Centennial season. Everything that could go wrong...losing streaks, devastating long-term injuries to virtually every player on the team, player slumps, a coach firing, unsubstantiated rumours about disgraceful off-ice behaviour, confirmed reports of players associating with unsavoury characters, the flu...has happened. Now that the team has been finally emerging from the fog and darkness that's shrouded this season, the lousy leafs have cut the legs out from under it by hurting Markov and Schneider.

So now that there's nothing else that can possibly go more wrong than it has already, we can sit here at rock bottom and feel sorry for how it's all turned out. Or we can decide to cheer for them anyway and hope for the best. If they make it into the post-season, it's a victory over the odds. And in that situation, funny things can happen when a team plays with absolutely no expectations or pressure. If they don't make it, well, it's not like they had any help from any quarter.

I'm going to cheer. It's been a hell of a crappy season, but I like the team that came out of all that adversity. This latest blow may be the killer, or it may not. I'll give them all the moral support I can though, because there's one thing I've learned about being a Habs fan in the last twenty-five years, and that is that no matter how rotten the season has been, you miss the team like crazy when it's over and you're waiting for the next one. Right now, it's just as well to be 'appy.


V said...

I totally agree!

With the news that Markov's gone for weeks, I pretty much ruled out Montreal making it very far in the playoffs. So for me, the pressure's off.

And so I really enjoyed last night's game. I wish they had won, but don't mind the loss - it was a game in hand, and if they can't beat the Rangers or one of their other opponents in the next week, playoffs won't help anyways.

I thought Janik played well - some good passes out there. I also thought O'Byrne learned a lot from the game. No own-goal this time; next time, no unnecessary penalty on a delayed penalty call.

And Ottawa's playing well - they have a nice fast style similar to ours.

Unfortunately for Montreal, their players just looked really tired and beat during the last 10 minutes of play. Lots of lessons to learn here.

By the way, did Koivu look a little slow/hurt to you? I can understand breaking up the lines to counter a good defensive line w/ Volchenkov, but he looked a step off to me.

Brian said...

If you're bent with arthritis
And your bowels have got colitis
You've galloping bollockitis
And your thinking it's time you'd died
If you've been a man of action
And you're lying there in traction
You can gain some satisfaction
Thinkin' "Jaysus, at least I tried"

Howard said...

Gotta love the underdog! Last year when we finished first over all, it was a disappointment to lose in the second round to the Flyers. This year we're just lucky to be close and anything more will be gravy.
Love the view from down here!