Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Farewell, My Captain

For the last several years, I've had a recurring dream. I never remember much about what actually happens in the dream, but I always wake up with one clear image in my mind. It's of Saku Koivu, stubbled and haggard, grinning hugely as he accepts the Stanley Cup. In the dream I can see every detail. He's wearing his white CH sweater, and he's got raw knuckles and a stitched cut above his left eye glistening with tears of joy at finally bringing a championship to his adopted hometown.

That dream has always been bittersweet because it often comes when the Habs are in absolutely no condition to win a Stanley Cup. Now it will just be bitter because even the small hope of one day seeing Koivu accept the trophy as Canadiens' captain has been extinguished.

I don't know what Bob Gainey is trying to do with the Montreal Canadiens, but in letting Saku Koivu walk away, he has successfully amputated the team's heart and its soul. I don't think he can replace those vital parts in the next two months. Or ever.

I wish Saku the best in Anaheim. I just wish the dream had ended differently.


AndyF said...

Gotta agree, J.T... Once again, a well thought out article. Keep up the great work.

Scott in Montreal said...

It would've been great to see that dream come true. This sure proves one thing about Gainey: at least you know he ain't ascared to do whatever he thinks he has to do, despite the public backlash. Hope it all works out this time.