Monday, July 6, 2009

They Must REALLY Hate Us

Just out of curiosity, why can no ex-Hab go out of the bloody division? Komisarek and Beauchemin sign with the leafs, Begin with the Bruins and now Kovalev with the Sens. Hello? Ex-Habs? There are FIVE divisions other than the Northeast. And guess what? Some of them have teams in warm, sunny climates where evil fans and media don't recognize you on the street. Jeez...I guess this shoots down the idea that bad weather keeps players out of Montreal.

Crap. It hurts enough to lose our players. But now we're pretty much obliged to hate their guts. I just wish I had more confidence that Gionta, Gomez and Cammalleri would burn those teams so badly we could walk away smiling. I fear this season.

Just, please, Saku...we still love you...don't sign with the Sabres. Go west, young man. I don't think we can take it if you don't.


Darren Bifford said...

Call it superstition, but I'm beginning to believe that the predictions offered by the pundits every season, the teams they (and everyone) pegs to do well and hype up are just the teams that don't succeed and contradict the hype. Of course, there are some exceptions (i.e., Detroit). But I'm actually feeling a strange sense of comfort about our chances next season. No one expects us to be very good. What a relief! We have a legit top line (assuming our three acquisitions play together). The brothers K and Pleks absolutely MUST have a decent to good season if they want to play anywhere other than the KHL (or for pocket-change salary, relatively speaking) during the year to follow; they'll have motivation. I've faith in our young guys (my wife informed me last night that D'agostini is still her "hockey boyfriend"). And we still have Markov. Still, I'll be nervous to encounter Ottawa, but 5 mil does seem like too much for Kovy.

DB said...

Just maybe all the press Kovy, Komi and Koivu will get on their return will fire up the Habs. After all who wants to be upstaged by ex-teammates?

Now it's time to relax and enjoy the summer. No one knows how this team will turn out next year. There are reasons to be worried and reasons to be optimistic and we'll just have to wait to see how it turns out.

I do have one suggestion for Martin on how he could motivate Sergei - just post a copy of Grabovski's new contract on Sergei's stall.