Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ode to Pierre McGuire

So, there you sit with shaven head.
The lights bounce off your dome.
You can't speak well of those in red.
You cut down poor Guillaume.

You laud the leafs grit ratio
while screaming love of blue,
and giving Burke fellatio
in praise of his "tough" crew.

You kiss the arse of Lucy's bitch
until your lips are sore.
I guess leaf love can make you rich,
you shrieking, taunting boor.

Some say you really know the game
and you're worth a listen,
But still you grant unearned acclaim,
with your head a-glisten.

Now your hubris grows still greater:
You dissed The General.
Said he'll fail without the traitor,
his star ephemeral.

But we know why you're such a knob
and why you treat us rough.
It's 'cause you don't have Gainey's job.
You weren't good enough.


Topham said...

Very well done. Funny, clever and unpredictable – a welcome read.

Anonymous said...

Are there really people out there who give a rat's ass about what McGuire and his cronies think about the Habs or anything else for that matter? If so, I find it hard to believe.
One thing's for certain, I'll be watching the Habs games on RDS at least that will give me some relief from the TSN and CBC know-nothings. Besides I've already had enough of McGuire's man love for the ex Habs traitor.
Well done JT Thanks for your posts.

HabsInBlood said...

Thank you J.T.

I must admit I am usually not much of an appreciator of art ... with today being a great exception.

Christopher Sama said...

Oooohhhhh SNAP!

zekemil said...

What rhymes with knob?


That's what McGuire is with all his name dropping.

Mike said...

Great! Thanks!

pfhabs said...


-sorry to tell you that on this point you know not of what you speak

-be a fan(atic) all you like but if you cannot stand criticism of the CH you are in for many disappointments

-for example; Sergui is but another issue from last year that Bob missed and attended to far too late


-seems to me an individual who played in the show (albeit a very very short time) was a NHL pro scout, NHL head coach, NHL assistant GM and worked under Scotty Bowman, Bob Johnson and others knows of what he speaks even if its not your cup of tea

J.T. said...

@pfhabs: Is that you, Pierre? If so, please tone it down, for the love of all things good and holy. If not, well, I have to say I'm perfectly able to hear criticism of the Habs. I just prefer not to have it dished up at great volume and on a continuous basis.