Saturday, November 5, 2011

Habs Sit, Rangers Flit

An inauspicious start. Pax is slowing down after his first few games of offensive aggression.

Habs killed that PP easier than Raid kills ants.

Blunden hit looked clean to me. So now, if a guy falls down after a check, it's a cue for a line brawl? Sometimes I hate the NHL.

Excellent. Habs down two men after just killing off a penalty. It stretches the limits of faith to hope this will even out in the end.

Something you didn't know: the name "Jaroslav" means "glory of spring." Let's hope Spacek is living up to his name next May.

If the Habs were ever playing with a manpower advantage this game, they might have a chance.

If this game was a musical, it'd be Little Shop of Horrors.

Can we please let McDonagh go? Lamenting his trade is as productive as crying about drafting AK instead of Getzlaf or Perry.

This is not Desharnais' finest night.

Well, the good thing is, it's the Rangers. No team in the league likes blowing leads more.

Interesting. Looking up NHL player ratings of best/worst officials in the league, and Tim Peel finishes second-worst.

Dirtiest trick in hockey is holding the stick with your armpit to make it look like you're being hooked. Dumb refs fall for it every time.

Spacek is doing a good job on his proper side.

ANOTHER Habs penalty?! I can't watch this much longer.

Moen to Pleks on the bench: Sorry, man. Didn't mean to go offside. Pleks: No problem. (under breath...idiot)

Jesus lives! The Rangers got a penalty!

Andrei Kostitsyn should be extended. Now.

Just realized: Erik Cole is a better-skating Michael Ryder.

Avery's face makes me wish someone would kick him in the nuts with skates on.

Gionta's got to start scoring. He's been an anchor most nights.

Is it just me, or does that thing that sticks up out of the back of a goalie's pants look like an overnight maxi-pad?

They're pulling Price. Stats say Rangers win 5-3.

The game was thrown from the first penalty. NO chance for the Habs to come back. Too bad, because they were hot at even strength.


moeman said...

Habs got Peeled. Again.

dusty said...

The Habs lost but only on the score board. What a gutty performance. Even though they were down 3-0 after one I still thought they had a chance. At even strength they were the better team albeit for maybe 5 minutes in the first period.

When they lost Nokelainen, the Habs had to play three lines. That is a big disadvantage against the Rangers who have a terrific fourth line in Boyle, Prust and Fedetenko. Add to that playing the second of a back to back and they could have folded their tent but they fought back like crazy. I loved every minute if it.

If even one of the four posts had gone in it might have ended differently. Cole is looking like a monster.

Maybe now Emelin can play?

Anonymous said...

Holy Whistle Batman,that was agony.The Rangers are so beatable but not from the box!
How long before JM realizes that #14 on the point is stupid, hello JM anyone home??
Is Stevie Wonder making the line changes ??
I never had that much trouble coaching Pee Wee house league.......

Anonymous said...

Glad I didn't go to that debacle. The NHL should be embarassed.