Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dream a little dream...

I want Halak. On veut Halak!!

WHY are we being forced to watch the rookie Price's growing pains and the inevitable Huet slump when we could be led by the Slovak Phenom? Maybe Halak would do nothing. Maybe he'd be the second Roy. I vote for the latter, since I've watched him this year be nothing short of phenomenal when it really matters.

Halak reminds me of Roy. Squishy like Gumby, but tight and in postition when he needs to be. Twitchy and squirmy, but solid when the shot comes...ON VEUT HALAK!!

WHY is the team keeping him sequestered in Hamilton? Is it because they've scouted everyone and decided that Price is the way to go? Or is it that they've drafted a goalie high and now feel the need to validate him with playing time?

Look...I know Halak wasn't drafted high. But he's got it. PLEASE, play him. We'll win with Halak. Write it down.

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NailaJ said...

Maybe we'll see a bit of Halak when the trade deadline passes and teams start to crunch for the final rush.
I'm not suggested Huet gets traded (that won't happen by Tuesday), but maybe Pricer will get a bit of reconditioning. Or Huey, for that matter.

The again, the 'Dogs are also fighting for a playoff spot, so...