Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

Hello lamp post...whatcha knowin'? I can see the legend growin'...

Yup...Carey Price got his first shutout, which we're all sure will be the first of many. The moment of truth, or to be precise, the minute and fifty-two seconds of truth, came on a Philadelphia five-on-three in the third period. Markov and Komisarek were in the box and Hamrlik broke his stick halfway through the penalty kill. So, essentially, the top three defencemen on the team were unavailable and only two Habs had sticks to counter five Flyers.

Price stopped eight shots on the two-man disadvantage. Eight. Calmly and casually, as though it were practice. Flyers kept firing, and Price kept stopping. It was a performance reminiscent of Roy in '86 .

Afterwards, he spoke to the media. He said that PK felt like it lasted eight hours. For the fans it felt like at least sixteen. But Price pulled it off. He was the first star and deservedly so.

Now the questions start. Who will start the second in the Philly back-to-backs? Common sense and the fans' demands would say Price. He's young, he's hot and he's the future. But Guy Carbonneau said on Hockey Night in Canada that he intends to play Huet as much as possible down the stretch. He's been the number one, after all, all season. Still, he's been struggling lately and Price looks to have the hot hand.

I say forget players' feelings here. It's the stretch drive and every point counts. Price is in that zone where pucks look like hubcaps and the game is moving in slo-mo. He's in the Flyers' heads. They were rolling their eyes with slumping shoulders after that 5-on-3. They don't believe they can beat him. Price should play as long as he's winning.

And consider this: A win tomorrow night means the Habs are tied for first in the East. Life, I love you. All is groovy.

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