Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good for Gainey (and his dignity)

I'd like to tip my proverbial hat to Bob Gainey's dignity. While GMs across the league slaver over the idea of adding a healthy Peter Forsberg to their rosters in the hope that he'll be the difference in a successful playoff run (Nashville, anyone??), and have begun compiling ridiculous offers for his services, Forsberg has already begun rejecting those offers. No Foppa for you, Penguins! Or Red Wings. Or Flames. Or Sharks. Or any number of other dancing monkey GMs. Anaheim, Philadelphia and Colorado, among others, are still on their knees in the begging position.

Could the Habs use Forsberg? If he's healthy and willing, of course they could. He'd add an important dimension of strength and offence to the lineup, along with playoff experience and leadership. But will the Habs line up and beg him to pick them? Not going to happen.

Bob Gainey, in his quiet, dignified way said, "No thanks, we're not interested in Forsberg." I'm sure the rejection almost killed the big galoot. Okay, really he could care less. But Gainey sent a message with that statement. He's saying he'll pick the guy he wants, and when he does, he won't have to beg for his services. He'll want to come play for a contender. Way to go, Bob!

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