Monday, April 26, 2010

Caps vs. Habs Game Six: Rock the Casbah

Notes on the third:

-Backstrom's really something else. He's got better vision than the Hubble Telescope.

-Subban has got to be gassed. He played OT in Hamilton last night.

-Lapierre!!! Unreal. Keep your foot on the gas, boys!

-Closeup of Boudreau on the bench, and he looks like a soft balloon with a slow leak.

-The reffing has been decent tonight, but diving on Gionta is just rotten. He's the least likely guy on the ice to take a dive. It's not in his nature.

-Lapierre, however WOULD dive. He just didn't. There must be a buy-one, get-three-free special on diving penalties in the ref's gift shop tonight.

-I'd wonder what it might be like if Halak had started the game Price started instead. But, I think Halak really needed the break.

-Apparently, referee injustice is rocket fuel for Lapierre. What a game he's playing! Most nights his reason for existence is solely to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide, but he's working for a higher cause tonight.

-Standing O in the Bell for Jaro's fiftieth save. They know their hockey, and they're such a great crowd when they're not booing.

-Thank you Habs, for NOT losing on my birthday!! For a change.

-It's hard not to think too far ahead, but you know what would really upset me? If the Habs take down, say the Caps and Pens, then run out of gas, clearing the way for some lame team like Philly to make the Finals.

Notes on the second:

-McGuire must be paid by the number of times he says "Alexander Ovechkin." In one sequence he said "Alexander Ovechkin one-on-one there against Alexander Ovechkin. Second effort by Alexander Ovechkin." Ch-ching, Pierre!

-Scary defensive breakdowns on D early on, and WAY too many penalties.

-Andrei Kostitsyn has tons of skill, but he's just not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

-Diving on Lapierre? Really? I guess the Commish has the Bell on speed-dial.

-There are more knots in my stomach than in a macrame plant hanger.

-Maybe less of the O-VEE-SUCKS chant when they're pressing hard like that, fans. It'd gut the crowd if Ovechkin scores while they're doing that.

-Love how the crowd rumbles with anticipation every time Subban's got the puck though.

-Am I the only one wondering what might have been if this team had been healthy all year?

-Jaro Halak is playing out of his mind. This is goaltending that needs a psychiatric evaluation before it can stand trial.

-Twenty minutes left before the Caps officially crap their pants.

Notes on the first:

-All I ask is that they play like they really want it. Winning it would be a bonus.

-Oh, and I ask that nobody boo Subban if he makes a Soobie Boo Boo.

-Ah, Kostitsyn! You have to think some of these Habs would benefit from doing nothing at practice but hitting the net from every part of the ice.

-Nice hit by the Subbanator on his first shift. He's going to damage some people when he gets his NHL timing down.

-I found it funny when Miller on TSN said, "Halak stands tall, " while he's scrambling around on his ass.

-It's really hard to type when your hands are shaking this hard.

-First thing I think of when there's a Habs PP is NO SHORTIES!

-Cammalleri is unbelievable. UFOs are more believable than him.

-What a kill on the 5-on-3! They killed it like Montagues killed Capulets.

-I can't believe this team is OUR Habs. I'm so proud of them!


DKerr said...


Was that Pyatt I saw killing the second half of that 5 on 3? That tells you alot about what the team thinks of him. Bravo to all the huys on that kill!

Anonymous said...

How can the ref call Lapierre for diving in a critical game like this? The Craps think they're the best team in the NHL and can't understand what's happening to them. If they do manage to advance the Flyers will complete the nightmare and send them to the golf course. I think we'll be seeing Crosby in the next round. 20 more minutes and Habs will take game 7. GO HABS GO!

Anonymous said...

Diving on Gionta? WTF! A second diving on Lapierre? WTF! This ref needs to be fired.

Anonymous said...

Greatest game i've seen since game 2 against the Bruins in '71!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The 2 and 3 seeds are gone in the East, and on wednesday so is the N0 1!!! Vivre Les Canadiens!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Pretty unbelievable game though, despite the diving calls..

Unknown said...

Hey, fellow Taurean, happy birthday! Tonight was unbelievable. Don't worry now about clearing the way for Philly, just enjoy the moment. Man it feels weird not to have stuff to complain about, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Play Lapierre in Hamilton during the season and bring him up for the playoffs. He's definitely NOT a regular season guy. What a game he can play when the game and season is on the line. ONE MORE BOYS!

Rock on the Rock said...

After game 4 I was going to suggest Danny Williams heart doc for wholesale heart transplants but something happened. It could have been all of us swearing and ranting and raving at them. Or maybe seeing Jean Beliveau disappointed in games 3 and 4 did it. Dmaned if I know. I only wish that they would run the Craps into the boards along they side instead of let them wander around the net freely! They also need to take the man in their own end when they're on the PP!!!!
Rock on....................
BTW, HB, JT - from up the 'arbour!

Anonymous said...

What? It's your birthday??? You didn't tell me!!! Know wonder you are what you are, you're a Taurus? Raaarrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I got you this comment.

Paul B. said...

Amongst the best playoffs performances by a goalie I have ever seen. Up there with Dryden's second game in Boston in 1971, Roy's overtime win in New York, in 1986 and Théodore against the Bruins in Montreal, I think it was in 2002.

Rock on the Rock said...

My birthday was in January but I was wondering if I could have a present? On Wednesday, I want to see Subban PASTE ovie to the boards, HARD (legal, but HARD). Kinda like a send off for the 2010-11 season.
Maybe if I hope hard enough I'll get my wish.....

Rock on.............

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't trade Halak.

Anonymous said...


They must have known it was your birthday and this was their gift.


Rookie said...

"-Thank you Habs, for NOT losing on my birthday!! For a change."

The very same thing happened to me on Friday! Happy birthday!
Now we need to find someone who'll be blowing out candles on Wednesday...

Neil said...

Happy Birthday JT. April 26th is my Birthday also. I always read your blog and appreciate your writing and your opinion.

Tonight was amazing. I have been a fan for 60 years and I can't remember having such a great birthday.

The Forum said...

What a birthday present - enjoy!