Thursday, April 15, 2010

Habs vs. Caps Game One: The Battle Begins

Notes on OT:

-I've crossed my fingers, toes, eyes and heart.

-I want Jaro's game-worn jersey from tonight. It's going to show lots of authentic game wear.

-I'd love to know how Gionta could be dumped on a semi-break with no call, but I guess it's one of the mysteries of the playoffs.

-MY BOY!!! Plekanec is king of the world. Jaro Halak is Crown Prince.

Notes on the third:

-I hate that siren.

-Nice of Pouliot to put a bow on it for Knuble, whom I've hated since his Bruins days. There should be docking of pay for failing to clear your zone with a clear chance to do so.

-Ah, Pyatt! Patch that hole in your stick, kid.

-GOMEZ!! If the Habs pull this off, I forgive him this year's salary.

-Worst penalty call ever on Moen. They really are taking hitting out of the game. The man threw a hard, legal check and gets called for it.

-Credit to Jacques-the-usually-blunt-Knife for the timely time out. His guys needed a break on the icing call and he gave it to them.

-Whatever happens now, nobody can laugh at the Habs tomorrow.

Notes on the second:

-Is it me, or is there an unusal number of guys getting kicked out of the faceoff circle tonight?

-Does Martin's Game One ensemble scream "excited!" or what?

-Pouliot looks good when his line actually penetrates the offensive zone. So does Andrei Kostitsyn. Both guys are using their size well. Jeez...didn't mean to sound so Pierre McGuire there.

-Nice sequence on RDS showing the punishment Ovechkin is taking. Even Gio hit him hard, but not as hard as the bench door.

-Martin must have drilled them in making sure they get the second shot cleared away. They're doing pretty well at that tonight.

-There's no excuse for crappy line changes in a huge game like this. Too many men is a hard way to go down, isn't it, Don Cherry?

-Poor Jaro. He keeps looking up at the clock wondering how much of his hour on the shooting range he's got left.

-You know who's playing well? Hal Gill.

-Nice on the fourth line to draw a penalty. It feels like one by one, they're waking up.

-I have to give Goat Head props on bringing in Moore. He's like a miniature gladiator on the boards tonight.

-Much, much better period. If the Habs can scrounge up another goal and hold on...

Notes on the first:

-Nervous, nervous, nervous. I hope the team isn't half as nervous as I am.

-Just before the game starts, I think Theodore is going to play well. He's a grown-up now.

-I just hope this thing doesn't go to OT. There are no loser points in the playoffs, and getting them that close would really suck if the Habs don't win.

-During the anthems Jaro reminds me of the kind of condemned man who goes calmly and with dignity up the gallows steps. Theo looks like he totally OD'ed on the propecia.

-Well. You might call THAT an inauspicous start. Way to go with the penalty in the first bloody minute, MAB!

-Hal Gill and his ten-foot stick come through on the PK. That stick should be listed on the lineup card as another player.

-This game could very well turn on faceoffs. Habs best guy is Moore at 55%. Gomez is 50.8% and the rest of the centres are below 50%. The Caps' top three guys are better than 50%, with Steckel at 59.2% and Belanger at 56.4%. You have to win the puck before you can do anything with it, and the Caps win it more.

-Hamrlik looks like a boob on D, and if he keeps it up, the Caps will milk him for a goal. Spacek's not much better.

-Wow. Seven minutes in and their first shot. It's not exactly the raging forecheck, crash-the-net style I was hoping to see.

-Bergeron is totally outmatched by the bigger Caps forwards. Laich just pantsed him in the corner.

-Cammy! Finally! I hope he goes on one of those legendary goal-scorer's tears now.

-Habs are not getting beat by the Caps. They're beating themselves with their lousy puckhandling in their own end. Horrible.

-I keep shouting SHOOT, but I forget to add HIT THE NET!

-Tentative period. I was hoping for better, but Jaro is on and if they actually get a few rushes going, they're in this.


Anonymous said...

That non-call on Gio was pathetic!!! You can bet that if that was our D pulling down OV there would have been a call.

Go Habs Go!!!


Rock on the Rock said...

You just gotta believe.
By the end of the 3rd Washington looked like they didn't know what else to do, that was funny; OT proved it!

Anonymous said...

I know it's gonna sound silly, but I think the USS Hal Gill was our best D tonigh. Sigh. Run for shelters peoples, frogs are about to rain from the sky!

Anonymous said...

Once I called in sick because my dog died. Tomorrow I am calling in sick because I am drunk because the Habs won. I've never been more happy. And I love you.

NorCalVol said...

A stunning game, full of tension throughout.
The key for me was surviving those opening few minutes - what an onslaught- lucky to escape with a "0" and then to actually lead.
Some of Gomez's runs into the Caps zone were great.
What struck me was how well the Habs disrupted Caps possessions throughout the 3rd period and the OT - tenacious.
When Plekanec got the puck for the last rush to the net, all I saw was that damned puck unable to lay flat, but it didn't seem to bother him - the shot was a deadeye.
A truly fair result - The Habs outplayed the Caps for the majority of the game.
Let's steal another and go to Montreal with a shock-the-world 2-0 lead.
Go Habs Go!

Anonymous said...

Alright, I left that comment up there about not going to work tomorrow and THEN I read your post (maybe I should've read your post first). Starting at the bottom of your shpeel (1st period), I noticed how negative you were. Sure, they played cautiously but in the first period it's usually about trying to get a feel for your opponent. Knowing what the Habs know about the Caps at this point and being bombarded with all recent messages by everyone under the sun that the Caps are going to cream our asses, would you not play that way -- in the first minutes? I ask you!?!? All that, coupled with your "it's going to take a miracle to win" I'm starting to suspect that you see the glass as half empty as my husband does. Therefore I am officially falling out of love with you. In this next week, I need an optimist God damn it, and if you don't have that spunk, I can no longer walk side by side with you.

What a game, eh? If we play like that for the next few games, it'll feel like the the good old days...but with the Hab's 2009/10 roller coaster ride, it's anybody's game...NOW who's being a pessimist? ;)))