Saturday, April 17, 2010

Habs vs. Caps Game Two: Diggin' A Hole

Notes on OT:


Notes on the third:

-Great penalty kill.

-What a crap goal! Lapierre is the weak link here tonight.

-Gomez dropping the gloves for the win is so glorious. He's earned two-thirds of his salary now.

-What the hell is the Caps' mascot supposed to be? It looks like something from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

-God, it's like being Germany against Team Canada

-When did pinching your man off become interference? I hate the refs.

-Jagr with the go-ahead goal. I'm so glad the Habs signed him.

-Pouliot...if the Caps tie it on this PP, you're a dead man.

-I love Halak, but come ON. That tying goal was atrocious. No, beyond atrocious. It was crippling.

Notes on the second:

-What's with Pouliot and the falling down? It looks like he's got an inner-ear imbalance.

-It seems like the glass in Washington is very low.

-They're all over Plekanec. He can't have a crap without a Cap.

-Hal Gill is doing his thing again tonight. He's pushing people to the outside better than a snobby cheerleader.

-If the Habs could complete a pass, they'd be up by three.

-AK! That's the way to hurt your compatriots!

-I think Muller must have had a bet with Martin about whether the Habs would make the playoffs and the forfeit was that if they made it, Muller would get to coach the team. That's the only explanation for this.

-People say Spatch is fat, but if he is, he's on the Ovy diet now.

-Speaking of whom, if Spacek was going to hit the net once this year, this was the time to do it.

-Aaaaannnd...he doesn't get the goal anyway because AK gets the hatty. No problem. I'm sure Spatch will wait for his first.

-Great call on the hand pass by the Caps. Sometimes they're right on the money.

-Up by two, going into the third, and you can't trust that the Caps won't come back. The Habs have to keep pushing hard.

Notes on the first:

-How lovely would it be to go back to Montreal up 2-0? I'm almost afraid to hope.

-GIONTA! Miniature playoff warrior. He should have his own breakfast cereal or something.

-This must be what soldiers in the trenches felt like while they were waiting for reinforcements. Only, the Habs don't get reinforcements. They just have to wait for the clock to run out.

-Andrei Kostitsyn is like an anti-tank weapon...when he wants to be.

-Theeeee--ooooo, Theeeeee---ooooooooo

-I'm worried about Varlamov, though. He was really good in the first round last year.

-The fourth line looks a little bit overmatched tonight. They don't have quite the jump they had in game one.

-Bergeron stood Backstrom up like an ugly blind date. He's playing his heart out.

-Dear Bob Gainey, thank you very much for the very nice Spacek you got us in the off-season. It was a bit wobbly at first, but now it's working just fine.

-Good period, all things considered. I want a win so, so badly!


Anonymous said...

We got Varlamov waaaay sooner than Ward in '06. I say Oh-Oh!

MC said...

Somewhere, Bob Gainey is smiling!

Anonymous said...

A two-goal lead, is a one-goal deficit against that team. I say Notre-père-qui-êtes-aux-Cieux...

Anonymous said...

I already have my atrocious-defeat-face, now all that's missing is the actual defeat. I don't even want to say something...

NorCalVol said...

The Caps scoring late in the 2nd period to make it 4-2 - everything changed after that; Washington just took that as a drink of fuel and high stepped it the rest of the way. The Hab's 5th was a thing of beauty and a real gift from the hockey gods, but after killing off a penalty, the Caps kept it coming.
A real bummer.
I just hope that drink of fuel doesn't carry over up north.
Let's hope we just can forget about it and carry forth the positives from the game - there were a lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Jagr is signed?? When did that happen J.T.?

Rock on the Rock said...

The NHL knows that without ovie in the playoffs revenues will be off MILLIONS !
Ref-fing was pathetic. Why does ovie has a free pass to interfere (and it's open season on Halak - and Markov's face too). Gill isn't allowed to check the precious capitals in case he might hurt them.
Until the NHL is run by Canadians again, the HABS will not win because NHL has decreed it; and that goes for ALL other Canadian teams too.

Anonymous said...

I knew Washington would win the game the second they pushed Halak between the two face off circles and got away with it.

It was like watching a kid play a video game with god mode enabled.

Anonymous said...

The reffing was beyond bad. Jaro took so much abuse it's ridiculous. The refs basically handed this game to the Caps. Can't believe they blew a 4-1 lead.


Anonymous said...

I am simply disgusted......
What a heartbreaker...

Anonymous said...

The Stanley Cup is a pretty big deal. Some players go their whole career and never even get to compete for it.

Last year the Caps thought they were pretty good. They trash talked, strutted, and Sid wiped the smirks off their faces. Remember the last Caps/Pens game? The defeat in the faces of the Caps bench?

I think last night the Caps woke up. They saw it coming again. All the talent in the world doesn't confer a championship. So they began to play as if they wanted it. That means that Halak is going to get hit, that bodies are going to fly, and that blue area is a warzone.

I am a huge Habs fan, but this is the way Philly and Boston played them with success. Surprise, the same result, including those clangers from dead center in the slot. No goalie can stop that stuff but already some are questioning Halak, as they did Price in the same situation.

The Habs are outclassed, and they have to stop quitting when the going gets tough. Deciding to get cute when they are up a couple is wrong. You have to get mean and hard then, not cute and fancy.

Third game always tells the story. We'll know after that if the Habs are here to play, if Washington is serious about a cup run, and what the likely conclusion of this series can be.


Anonymous said...

Your comment rock, is assuming things are fixed somewhat...can you weigh in J.T.?

The Forum said...

I'm still too pissed to write anything constructive. I've never seen the Habs blow a playoff game like they did last night.

I think the series was decided last night - when you have the top team on the ropes, you don't awaken their scoring and let them back in the game and the series.

Halak? think we'll see Price sooner than later.

I'm going to try and enjoy my day but honestly, it feels like someone died last night.