Monday, May 24, 2010

The End

I hope Pronger accidentally falls and puts the Wales Trophy (whatever they call it now) up his arse.


Humberto said...

agreed, FUCK HIM, i'm tired of his shit, his cheap shots behind the play on Subban and other players were bullshit, fuck the flyers. And Fuck Bob Cole too. I hate how it felt like the habs just slowed down and took it easy this series after the other two teams they eliminated, it blows and some of the players just shut down it seemed. Also fuck TSN for saying how obvious it was from the start the Habs would lose, and Kevin Weekes mediocre goalie suddenly a pro at talking crap about the habs.

Next year will be better, so long as they finally get rid of the kostitsyns for real good worthy forwards and keep the third liners on the third, maybe bring up Desharnais on a line with Pie, that will be something different and better.

I look forward to next season this season was an emotional ride and man was it amazing, too bad it ended like this.

Humberto said...

Also, thank you J.T.
Whoever you are, you have kept me up to date and entertained and informed on the Habs on days i rarely had time to watch the games during the season for two years now, please don't stop or else you'll have a very sad mexican who shares your blogs to everyone who likes hockey like if its oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Hi JT-just want to let you know how much we appreciate your blog.I read yesterday that Mike Boone had a call from you,lucky Mike.Have a great summer and who knows maybe we'll get lucky and JM will get fired !!!!!
So many unanswered questions-what happened to Pleks?
Why does the coach love MAB ??Will anyone take the K's ?

See ya

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the year, J.T!

V said...

It was a good year JT. Thanks for your contribution and thanks to the Habs for making it so exciting.

Should be an exciting off-season. They have a good core and mixing and matching for key personnel will be fun to watch... I have confidence in the management group and we should come through the summer even stronger.

I wonder if we will see Martin kicked upstairs. This run would be a fitting cap on his coaching career.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the MAB bashing but cannot understand how we let Metro slip by. He did NOTHING in this series. And he got that stupid penalty during our 5 on 4 for 5 minutes, we could have scored. Him and OB. Bad news.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Now THAT is hilarious. I'm hoping for a meteor to hit the Wachovia centre thereby cancelling the finals this year. And it would be nice if a big chunk of the rock landed up Pronger's ass.

NorCalVol said...


Thank you for your commitment to your blog - it made following the Habs down the stretch and throughout the playoffs a fun experience.

As you know, the Olympics brought me back to hockey after a long absence. Then, your blog brought me to the Habs. As a blogger myself for another sport, I searched the hockey blogosphere during the Olympics for inspiration and ideas. More than that, my search brought me to your site and then ultimately to the Habs.

I now call them mine, even though I'm not from Quebec and not even Canadian.

That's my testament to the quality of your blog and writing. I hope you continue through the offseason and next year.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog JT
Your passion is undeniably huge and has only one equivalent: your writing skills.

You have a great gift.
Thank you for sharing it.

Merci beaucoup J.T.


Anonymous said...

JT, as a new reader of your blog - thanks - it is excellent - please continue. As for the Habs, the line-up will require some tweeking before next Sept. The K's should go. Anyone on the Bulldogs would be better. Is there any way to get #57 in gear? They could use his big body actually contributing. He looks lost. I'm also now ready to support rules to ban fighting, since the Habs no longer have anyone who can.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blogging! Thanks for all the great info and opinions.

pfhabs said...


-thank you for initiating the discussion all year long...hopefully you stay with it through the draft and first week of free agency or when there is some significant news for the CH...what are your plans ?

-as for the team they are to be congratulated for their gutsy efforts that got them a lot farther than I thought they were capable. that doesn't mean I think they are a Cup contender for me they are still very much a bubble team that rode the success of a very very hot goalie and the goal scoring of Cammalleri & Gionta

-as for the future well as the Chinese say about living in interesting times we will certainly see that in spades until next september with a lot of questions to be answered

1. not sure what Plekanec gets on the open market but given their cap situation I cannot see them offering more than $4.5 per season...chuckle to hear fans rant about Tomas not being worth $5 or more but nary a wimper about paying a 59 point scorer $7.37 million. the logic escapes me

2. what of Sergei and Andrei...has the act grown stale, has patience worn thin to the point of exhaustion and no one cares about their talent---their heart is in question ?

3. which goalie do you keep or do you try to keep both ? who has the better upside long term ? who will hold up to the physical, emotional and mental rigours of being #1 in Montreal ? if a trade what will you get in return ? you know Halak's agent also represent MA Fluery so the asking price will not be cheap when comparisons are made

4. which RFAs do you keep as some were keys this year; Pyatt, Moore, Lapierre to some extent ?

5. if unable to move the bad contracts they will rule team development and player acquisition or do you drop players to do the things you need to do

6. what to do w Guy Boucher an obvious rising star for whom permission will be sought to interview by Columbus & Atlanta

7. as for the management crew my views are well known and I think we can do a lot better but with 8 home dates of playoff revenue doubt Molson will make a change...

8. others will say given the run this spring no change is neccessary and to that I would say that Halak's .940+ percentage and the production of 2 forwards covered a lot of warts

-the summer will be interesting...hope you hang in there for a while before you settle in for summer breezes and quiet times

ps: as for hating Pronger I wish we had someone with his bite and nastiness which brings up the question of a soft team...and on it goes

-if you live on the Rock as I suspect it's a great place to be as the people I've met and friends I have there are fantastic human beings so more time w them and less with CH Nation is more than understandable

beezee05 said...

I've become a huge fan of yours. Not sure if you once did in game blogging with Mike Boone. In any event you've become a must read for me.

It turned out to be a great year, far beyond expectations. That said at this point to have fallen short is in many ways heartbreaking.

In response to the Bob Cole comment. I've heard he's a Habs fan. I honestly find that hard to believe. He seemed to be quite a bit more chipper when the Flyers were winning. Then there's Healy. He seemed so quick to praise the Flyers and point out the shortcomings of the Habs. The "Spacek went brain dead" sounded like it came from the P.J. Stock school of professional journalism. I guess he's still bitter about the '93 defeat and possibly also tiring of the soreness from the splinters in his arse from a career of riding the pines.

And must get on Twitter.

Have a great summer. I look forward to your next post.

moeman said...

Thanks for the great content J.T. Be well.

Anonymous said...

This is the end. What a ride. I love your blog (although sometimes I really didn't agree with you but I like that you include 99.9% of the comments that go against your grain). I'll really miss your posts.

Thanks and happy summer.

Anonymous said...

Well JT I see you're unusually succinct, even wrapping two distinct events into one sentence.

They did pretty good, everything considered. They need a PP quaterback. Subban is nice but I'm not sure he knows how to use the others just yet. They need a big center, someone who the other teams concentrate on. They can afford to get rid of a couple things, some surprising, and MAB :-)

The one thing they will always need is great bloggers. You have entertained us all throughout this dreadfull season, and unlikely playoff. Thanks buckets J.T.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your enjoyable, fun-to-read blog and I look forward to visiting it in the off-season and in 2010/11.
Take care!

lr said...

Great blog! Keep up the writing JT!

next year is going to be even BETTER!


MC said...


Thank you for the blog this year. It was always good for a laugh and some intelligent debate. This offseason will be interesting so I look forward to your musings.

PS: the flyers suck.

Unknown said...

A 54 year old woman with a not-as-enthusiastic hubby, I've been a die hard Hab's fan since the 1970/71 season and prefer your blog to all others. I will be feeding my Habs addiction in the off-season (although not officially "off" yet, Go Hawks, go!)with a combination of your postings, Habs Inside out and various Montreal newspaper sports columns. So a big thank you for enabling my addiction as you post a great "fix" as it were.
I too would love to see Guy Boucher hang his hat at the Bell Centre some day but why was I under the (perhaps false) impression that his command of the French language was minimal?
Did I read it somewhere or was it a bad dream?