Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flyers vs. Habs Game Three: Home Sweet Home

Notes on the third:

-I'm convinced, Plekanec will be big in the Finals. Shut up laughing.

-You have to give Hamrlik credit. He's found his youth again for this game. What an effort for the number of minutes he played!

-I love that in Montreal, they don't just chant "LAY-ton," but they also cast the whammy on him with the rally towels.

-Was it a coincidence that Gary Galley said, "Falladelphia?"

-I don't like that JM effectively benched OB. Yes, he made a mistake, but the guy is young and needs minutes to improve. A 3-0 lead should award him those minutes.

-I wonder if it's embarrassing for Gagne when all the announcers say "Since he came back from his TOE injury..."

-Hey, thanks Bob Cole. I didn't know Halak's first name was "The Goalie."

-The Wave in Montreal. I'm kind of glad it's not dead.

-If I was drunk, in the Habs room, I'd go up to Gill and say, "I love you, man!"

Notes on the second:

-I'm sure Cherry's jacket is giving me the Evil Eye. Ptuh, ptuh, ptuh.

-Pyatt grows a good beard for a rookie.

-Bergeron at this point isn't even keeping the puck IN on the PP, never mind getting a shot off. Ugh.

-Andrei Kostitsyn drives me crazy. Whenever he loses the puck on the boards, he just stands around, waiting to see what will happen instead of chasing it.

-Lapierre's the ultimate homer player. He never looks as good as when he's playing for something big in front of his home crowd.

-My good and entertaining friend Brian on Lapierre's behind-the-net work: "It's a Lap dance!"

-The PP really, really misses Markov. Bergeron can't tee up without the perfect pass, and there's nobody to give it to him. He's so co-dependent.

-Plekanec better get a good contract this summer, so he can buy himself a break.

-Another great period. One more and this is a series.

Notes on the first:

-Okay. Bergeron's in the lineup again. I want to see him shoot the puck as hard as he can every time he gets it. I don't care if it's on net. I don't care if it's from a bad angle. It will either hit the net or break someone, which is a good thing for the home team.

-Wouldn't it be a bad sign if the torch-bearer kid fell on his butt? And, does the fire-on-the-ice thing mean they're symbolically throwing the kid on some kind of sacrificial pyre?

-Great. Gomez nearly fell on HIS butt instead of the kid. I don't like this.

-I have to see how long I can stand Cole tonight. Over/under is four minutes, or until the first Flyers goal, whichever comes first.

-Jeez, O'Byrne. Delay of game in the first minute. Worst penalty in hockey by the guy who could have redecorated Martin's doghouse by now.

-Best moment of the period: Cammalleri nailing the Flyers' D with a crosscheck, then scoring. Beautiful.

-Second-best moment: Gionta getting the stick ripped out of his hands, continuing with the soccer moves, then picking the stick up on the way back down ice without missing a beat.

-Excellent replay: Carcillo on the way to the penalty box jostling Gomez. Gomez responding with the smirk and stick at eye-carving level. "You like seeing, punk?"

-We all forget Tom Pyatt's just a rookie because he's playing like a vet. But, he's doing a lot of good things. Goals can't bounce off you unless you're in the crease.

-I hope Cammalleri's post doesn't come back to haunt them.

-Halak's in the hot zone. Thankfully.

-Great period. Their one advantage is speed and they're using it to their advantage. Now, forty more like that, please.


Anonymous said...

Damn MAB !!!

Without him, tyhe score would probably be 4-0 after the first period...

NorCalVol said...

Staving off disaster by killing off the first pen, then getting the first goal with perseverance was the key to everything. Had Leighton with his back turned for the first two - beautiful!!!
Red and blue hornets buzzing the Flyers' goal - now THAT'S HOCKEY.
Keep the Flyers out of the goal early in the third and this is done and dusted. Keep it going boys... on to a massive Saturday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

JM has so thoroughly destroyed O'Byrne's confidence that I seriously wonder if he can come back? Sad to see. But a great game...wooohooo!

Raphaƫl P. said...

man, following this team this playoff season has been like watching Ali vs. Foreman. He's in the cable, showing neck and ready for the kill and blam! blam! blam! right in the kisser.

P.-S. Nice coaching on Montreal's side. they've done their homework and it shows. That philly D looks slow and clumsy.

P.P.-S. love how Lapierre is getting under Richards' and Pronger's skins.

Anonymous said...

@anon:Well, I don't know that the score would have been 4-0 if MAB was not on. He played like crap, but a lot of things happened since his bad turnover. And yay, a little (very little) redemption with his goal. If anything, it may boost his confidence and we'll see him play a better game on Saturday.

@J.T.: If I was drunk, in the Habs room, I'd go up to Gill and say, "I love you, man!" I knew it!!!! You ARE a man!!!!

NorCalVol said...

That fifth goal FELT REALLY GOOD, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

NorCalVol said...

That fifth goal FELT REALLY GOOD, didn't it?

Not really. It only guarantees 18 minutes of ice time for MAB on Saturday. MERDE!