Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Habs vs. Flyers Game Two: Streets of Filthadelphia

Notes on the third:

-It's a bad sign when RDS is only interviewing Flyers.

-This game is over. I'm going to bed, in great anticipation of the post-game coverage. If the Habs come back and win it, I'll dance naked in the town square. Good night. I'll only wonder if they actually score a goal.

-One final note: Laviolette has told his team not to shoot. Jaro's not good with few shots, and this is showing him up. Horrible.

Notes on the second:

-This is the kind of game in which, if the Habs get a breakaway, it'll be Gomez. Or Gill.

-Gross. TV closeup of Pronger blowing his snot on the ice. I think the rink should have to be cleared by the EPA before play continues.

-I worry about Timmins' drafting. He gave as the reason why he passed on Giroux in 2006 that the kid was too slow. Hmmm. Either Giroux has learned to skate really fast in the last four years, or Timmins isn't that smart.

-Speaking of not smart, if Martin can't see that Bergeron is completely outmatched in this series, he's either blind, dumb or too stubborn to be an NHL coach.

-The thing I hate most in the NHL is French players who want to destroy the Habs. Whatever happened to the days when those guys were proud to play for their hometown team? Now they just want to make money in the States and make their names beating the Habs.

-The Habs PK is as effective, to borrow a phrase from my buddy Brian, as a mesh condom.

-This is 2008 redux. Habs domination, and a 2-0 lead for the Flyers. Like Biron, who played the starring role in 2008, Leighton will never be this good, or this lucky, ever again.

-I hate Philly and their Ole-ing fans. I wish our team was destined to make them eat it. But somehow, I think it's not in the cards. The Canadiens haven't had a break since this series started...again, like 2008.

-The worst thing about losing this game will be the national media coverage. They've all grudgingly had to get behind the Habs because they're the last Canadian team left standing. But they love reporting that Montreal's imploding. Can't contain the glee.

-Hard work again this period, but no net traffic and bad luck. The mismatch on special teams will make the difference tonight, and for the next two games in this series.

Notes on the first:

-On the OB versus MAB issue: I'll take OB against a team like the Flyers, just because he's capable of disturbing guys like Briere and Giroux. That, of course means MAB will score, just to prove me wrong.

-Tim Peel reffing. Ugh.

-Great. Repeat of Game One. Habs with the early PP and Gomez with an absolutely boneheaded negation of it. And the Flyers goal immediately on their PP. It's like being forced to watch re-runs of Full House.

-Honestly, I can't stand Briere, but if a team has to egregiously overpay someone, would you pick Briere who scores PP goals, or Gomez who's in the box when they get scored against his team?

-I think Gill's playing more hurt than we think. He always looks like a giraffe on skates, but tonight he looks like an old, stiff giraffe, skating away to one last visit to the zoo vet.

-The Habs' defence is as solid as crepe paper.

-The third line has come to fight, thankfully.

-A sight I never thought to behold again: Sergei Kostitsyn in a Habs sweater. Pouliot has actually fallen THAT far in Martin's estimation.

-Ha! Moment of the first: Richards lining AK up, and throwing himself into the boards instead. Hope it hurt.

-If this team can't score on the power play, then WHY???? are they playing MAB?

-A much better period than we saw in Game One. Habs are skating hard. The key will be maintaining it through the next forty.

-Briere leaving the ice grinning. I hope he's crying by the time this is over.


Anonymous said...

Never have I hated a team more than these guys and their fans. There I said it. Sounds bad, but they are a lousy bunch.

NorCalVol said...

Agreed that this was a better period than all four so far in Philly.
I thought we were going to get one on the PP where we had at least 5 shots on goal, but the following PP was wretched, almost as bad as the first PP.
Keep skating hard, boys - you look like you're going after it.
We're due a break or two.

NorCalVol said...

A good period completely ruined by Gionta's pen.
The Habs were skating their asses off, and even though Leighton continues his shutout, he's leaving a lot of juicy rebounds waiting to be given second chances.
But then the Flyer PP.
Keep fighting goddammit.

Anonymous said...

I guess the only reason the Habs beat the Pens was all those soft goals by Fleury. I can picture a four game sweep with Leighton getting 3 shutouts then giving up buckets full against the Hawks or Sharks in the final series. If the Habs don't get softies they're done. And they can't kill a penalty to save their lives. This is so over.

Anonymous said...

Why is SK74 playing and not O'Byrne? Play MAB up front if you love him so much JM.

Anonymous said...

Philly knew what they were doing when they passed on a Halak trade. We're being Leightoned!

Anonymous said...

Gills playing his heart out with 50-60 stitches in his leg. If it was me I'd be in bed for a month!

NorCalVol said...

Swarming Flyers rendered the Habs impotent in the 3rd.
Philly is still living off that Game 7 comeback in Boston.
Result? The worst pasting you could have imagined.
But, strange things happen in 7-game series.
We need to prick Leighton's bubble early on Thursday.
Easy to give up - hopefully the Habs' players aren't as fickle as the average fan.

Anonymous said...

SK74 played 4:57. Why bother dressing him? Are the Habs showcasing him for a draft day deal? I only hope Gauthier gets rid of his brother too.

Just a thought but has any team ever lost a conference final series without scoring a goal? I smell a record.

Anonymous said...

I thought time travel was just a dream. Could we be back in the regular season? Or is this just a nightmare?