Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bolts vs.Habs - Revenge of the French Edition

Notes on the third:

-Well, that was a very unfun game. I don't think fun is too much to ask, but they can't even deliver that much.

-You know it's not a good sign when it looks like the other team is always on the PP. And it's an even worse sign when the team that's owning you is the Tampa Bay Lightning.

-I'm questioning some of these line decisions. Bowman always said the most important thing a coach can do is have the right people on the ice at the right time. Somehow, I think Ryan White is not the right person to have out there with a hardworking Kostitsyn when the team needs a goal desperately.

-Just once I'd like to see Plekanec get the good wingers. Gomez is NOT the clear-cut number-one centre on this team.

-Gionta can't be the captain. He spends too much time with his mouth guard hanging disgustingly out of the side of his face.

-If I'm not mistaken, the Habs used to destroy Nittymaki in Philly. What the hell happened to him?

-Another hit to the save percentage for Price tonight. Three goals on less than thirty shots isn't good enough. Gorges didn't help any, but Price needed to be better. He's more frustrating than a broken right hand during Bleu Nuit.

-This is a bad hockey team. What's worse is I've got Plekanec and Stamkos in my pool and neither of them got any points. Salt in the losing wound.

-At this point, I think if the Habs are to miss the playoffs, I hope they miss by a mile. Finishing tenth and getting another mid-teens pick isn't going to save this franchise. It needs Taylor Hall

Notes on the second:

I'm trying to take my own advice to embrace the suck, but it's hard when it's not even fun. There's fun suck, and there's tedious suck, and as a friend of mine just said, "The Habs can't even suck well."

-Their midget is beating the pants off of our midgets.

-You know a D-man has a bad reputation when the five opponents just stand and wait for him to give it to them. That's what the Bolts are doing with Bergeron.

-I'm convinced Latendresse is actually an eighty-two year old woman in a young man's body. Plekanec does not deserve this.

-Can someone tell the Habs they're allowed a do-over if the first attempt on the opposition goalie doesn't go in? They don't HAVE to leave the o-zone immediately.

-I wish Jean Beliveau had stayed home tonight. Vinnie loves to put on a show for his hero.

-The Gambler is looking pretty sinister behind the Tampa bench. I wonder if he's got some dough riding on this one?

-Someone has found a Belarussian/English dictionary and managed to explain the message "Your ass in goalie's face is good" to Kostitsyn. He was right where he needed to be on Gionta's goal.

-Say what you like about Hammer's contract, but he's worth every dime and more this year. Imagining the D without him is like imagining an Egg McMuffin without the muffin. He should get extra for babysitting Bergeron.

-Seriously, Gorges? You are a godforsaken DEFENCEMAN! Get out of Price's crease and stop trying to be a goalie! That's two tonight.

-Okay, plan for the third: Score a couple and get to OT.

Notes on the first:

-If Pacioretty keeps running down the puck behind the other team's D the way he's been doing lately, he's going to be really tough to handle for a lot of teams.

-There must be some endorsement opportunity for Metro with the city's public transport department. Maybe a shot of him next to a Metro sign in his jersey, and a caption like "Gets you where you want to go." Or something like that.

-Boy, did Hammer ever get nailed behind the net. He was picking his teeth with bits of board there.

-If I had a Centennial loonie for every goal against that comes with Gorges' ass in Price's face, or actually on top of Price, I'd be able to afford a Centennial brick. Why the hell was he playing goal, instead of defence on that PP? Maybe it's part of Martin's new system.

-Too bad periods in hockey aren't nineteen minutes long. Habs'd be golden this year if that was the case.

-I wonder what Carey Price would pay to have a lead for once? Poor kid.


Anonymous said...

Poor you... Unless they invent a new draft lottery, we're not coming close to a mile of Taylor Hall. And they're not exactly the kinf of franchise that drafts the likes of O'Reilly...

Also, remember, in Qc we patch, we don't rebuild. If you don't know what I mean, please take tour car for a spin.

Number31 said...

You noticed that too about Gorges going in goal all the time? Did that last year a lot too. I mean I know they're good friends and all but c'mon Gorges, you're killing him/us!

And if Pleky doesn't get the Brothers on his line by December, I'll cry!

Le fan du CH said...

AInt sure about Hamrlik?

yes he is overplaying due to Markov's injury. But dam, he's making a lot of errors( see here turn over) he's as much trouble with or without the puck.

ANd please o please, dont put him on the PP..come on. It aint his place. Just has Hal Gill is not in his place in the new NHL.