Friday, November 20, 2009

Habs vs.Caps - The Please Don't Hurt Us Edition

Notes on the third:

-Pacioretty in the between-periods interview had so much adrenaline and testosterone coursing through him, the effort to speak coherently nearly made him gag.

-I like the little slingshot move Cammalleri has on the boards. He nearly always gets it out to his linemate.

-What the hell is with the "hurry-up" faceoff? That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen, including the over-the-glass delay-of-game penalty and Mike Milbury.

-Oh, Pax. I think they taught shooting angles in the *second* year of college.

-Every time I see Pleks pass to Hammer, I think "Czech sausage."

-Does anyone else think Spacek should be wearing leiderhosen and a little feathered cap?

-If they'd lost, Martin should have been skewered for having Bergeron out there with two minutes to go. That second goal was on the coach.

-I like Mara. He's like an old dog in the don't notice him until he growls at the intruder.

-Solid game by Price, Pleks and just about everyone. I was proud of them tonight.

Notes on the second:

-Everyone in the league fears Ovechkin, but I fear Fleischmann. He hurts the Habs every time.

-Could it be? Was that a second line I saw there? Yes, by George, I think it was! Beautiful work by AK on the Pleks goal.

-Pax made a beautiful birthday play to get himself into a 2-on-1. He needs the confidence to shoot, though.

-I think Latendresse is actually playing some fantastic hockey this year. He's just playing it in an alternate dimension. It's not his fault.

-Very nice period. I'm having fun, and that's the thing that's been missing all year.

Notes on the first:

-It's not a good thing that my only hope going into this one is that it not be a blowout. Be gentle with us, Ovy!

-Gorges must have a real love-hate relationship with Price. If he's not falling on him himself, he's knocking other guys into him. He's going to seriously hurt Price one of these days.

-There's something wrong with the sound on my TV, so all I can hear is the crowd. The announcers are just a dim background noise. It's glorious!

-Spacek is working on a Guiness World Record for most giveaways before Christmas. He's hoping to hit a thousand, and he's already halfway there. Go Spatch!

-Moen on the top line is helping create some space for the midgets. Too bad he doesn't have better hands, but you can't win 'em all.

-Man, oh man, Ovechkin goes through the Habs like a machete through cheese.

-Bergeron is like diarrhea. It's embarrassing, stinks and you'll do anything to get rid of it.

-The plan there was to stay out of the box, right? Okay then. Just checking.

-Damn...announcer sound is back. Pierre McGuire Homoerotic Comment of the period: "It hit Carey Price right on the knob and knocked the stick right out of his hands."

-Poor Metro looks like he's dragging a 260-pound piano around on his line.

-Speaking of which, Laraque just discovered not everyone follows the Code. Erskine didn't even wait for a properly-worded reply before knocking down the "Heavyweight Champ of the NHL." If he can't even win a fight, it's time to cut him lose.

-All in all, not a bad start. I thought they'd be in a deeper hole than a hard rock miner by now.


Howard said...

Is it just US fans who see Bergeron's deficiencies. Bob should be big enough to admit he made a mistake and cut him loose along with Laraque. In Bergeron's case I think his biggest problem is fear. The only time he feels safe is standing behind his own net. Size should not be an issue, see: Gionta, Brian / Desharnais, David! Bergeron creates egregious turnovers out of fear itself.

Unknown said...

Great game so far... an finally we get to see Moen on the first line (sans Gionta, unfortunately) but like the gelling of the second line, well who knows this season.

Keep up the hope J.T., after 3 seasons of watching every game, I'm finally liking what I'm seeing under Napoleon Martin.

harmonielehre said...

MAB is sooooo bad. SOOOOOOO bad.

DB said...

The more I see MAB play the less I have to go to the gym cause my heartrate doubles whenever he's on the ice.

Unknown said...

MAB is what he is... and quite good on occasion (although O'B seems to be for REAL - OMG)

What can I say? Are they finally buying into JM's code, or has the team started to gel, albeit behind a 'win one for the gipper' for our missing captain(s)?

Number31 said...

Bergeron is killing me... Being paired with Rhino though was helping a little (like Markov covering for Komisarek only in reverse) except MAB still managed to screw up more than once by not staying on his side for a return pass.

Still, solid team effort by the boys. I'm happy!