Thursday, November 5, 2009

Habs vs. Bruins - Battle of the Uglies Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-I love how the defence has responded after that horrid Atlanta game. Maybe it's because the Bs can't score anyway, but our guys look like Alcatraz on the backend...except for the scattered escape.

-I think Martin's had a private meeting with the team, minus MAB, and told them, if you see him with the puck, do ANYTHING to get it away from him. Thus, the better D tonight.

-Tom Pyatt may be Greg Stewart's ultimate foe when it comes to making the NHL. Pyatt is twenty...times better. Could he be the difference in the Gomez trade?

-I can't help thinking Metro would have been a better player if he'd ever had the support some of these "stars" got during their youth. As it is, he's saving our team's ass.

-Is it wrong to rejoice in the Boston fans' booing of their own team. Thank God it's not us!

-WHY can they not lock it down until the final whistle? I'm very, very tired of these desperate plays in the last minute that result in bad things for the Habs.

-Thank God for Mike Cammalleri, and on this night, Carey Price. Die, Bruins!

Notes on the second:

-Gionta's an inspiration for men who buy "petit" suits everywhere. Nobody can provoke the giant neanderthal like him.

-Sometimes it really feels as though the linesmen are working for the enemy. How many times do they foil Habs' breakouts?

-Teams that blow 5-on-3s, even because of crazy-ass goal-line saves by freakish gymnast goalies, tend to lose hockey games.

-I'm just waiting for Ryder to blow one over Price, probably assisted by Begin. Isn't that how it works with ex-Habs?

-TSN closeup of Burke in the pressbox for this one. I guess he wants to see where his first pick will end up. And, he's getting more and more disheveled by the month. On draft day, he'll look like a homeless crackhead.

-One thing I admire about Scott Gomez...and I'm really trying to find something to like he thinks quickly. A lot of guys automatically pass up-ice when they're in trouble. Gomez knows where everyone is and has no problem moving the puck back to his D under pressure. Too bad he doesn't have more Cammalleri in him.

-I can't knock Price tonight. Thank God. I really don't want to knock him.

-When will Martin finally give Plekanec the good wingers? Because Gomez isn't doing squat with them.

-I think Kostitsyn's internal clock is still on Russian time.

Notes on the first:

-TSN has said "sweep" in referring to last year's playoffs eight times so far. I counted.

-Pacioretty should have just carried a sign on that two-on-one, reading "I'm going to pass it. Ready? I'm going to pass it NOW." Still, the kid is looking better lately.

-I didn't get the people dumping on Carle last game, just because of that miscue on the tying goal. I think he wasn't bad overall, and he was noticable for a couple of nice plays in this game so far. Hey, if it keeps Bergeron off the ice as much as possible, I'm all for it.

-I'm assuming Moen's goal was disallowed because the Habs are required to spot the Bruins one?

-The dump and chase isn't working well for our team, as it usually ends up being mostly dump.

-I like Pyatt and White heading to the net. Then again, D'Agostini and Stewart did that when they were new too.

-Speaking of Pyatt, he seems to have become McGuru's newest favourite manchild.

-Beautiful heads-up play by Kostitsyn on the goal. He can motor when he wants to. Now Martin has to figure out how to make him want to.

-To make a Metropolit, you mix one part heart, one part guts and one part toothless smile. Mix and serve on ice.

-Now Price has a lead, let's see how he works with it.


Unknown said...

Price looked good tonight -- really good. That's encouraging.

Larry said...

Good stuff as always JT

pfhabs said...


-one small point re Pyatt being the difference in the Gomez trade

Gomez- 2 goals
Pyatt & Busto- in the system

Higgins- 2 goals
Gaborik- 12 goals
Valentenko & McDonagh- in the system

-not saying Gomez isn't a good player, he is, but the price paid was ridiculous as is the cap hit of $7.37 for the next 5 years