Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thrashers vs. Habs - Down-Another-D Edition

Notes on the third:

-I counted three completely unprovoked and ill-timed falls to the ice by Carle. If blunting his skates was his rookie initiation, it's NOT funny!

-Gionta came to play tonight. Too bad he didn't bring half the rest of the team with him.

-Tonight's petition: Dear Mr.Gainey, we, the undersigned would very much appreciate it if you could bring back our best player next year. And no, I do NOT mean Marc-Andre Bergeron.

-I have a feeling if we're icing the same defence on Thursday, the Bruins' scoring issues will be at an end.

-Well, for all the complaining I've heard about the Habs only winning in OT, I would have been really happy to see OT tonight. This game was painful.

-Did they win a faceoff tonight?

-The conclusion we must reach, yet again, is this is not a very good hockey team. I hope it will improve, but when you're getting owned by Atlanta, I don't hold out great hope for games against the Caps, Flyers, Devils, Bruins, Sharks, Wings, Pens...well, it could be a really long season.

Notes on the second:

-Habs remind me of a dog that's fallen out of a boat: swimming in circles, trying to keep its head above water until it slowly tires. The Markov-led defence was the boat.

-Nice laser by Gionta. I was thinking we might have to soon send his picture to the milk-carton people.

-This game is hurting me. My jaw is sore from clenching my teeth every time the third line or Bergeron is on the ice.

-I wonder why Pacioretty keeps passing to the linesman? Maybe he's colour blind. Seriously.

-I have a hard time believing Latendresse and Lapierre would be getting the icetime they do if they were born in Belarus. Kostitsyn might be doing jack, but it's better than doing dick. I think.

-Have I mentioned I hate Bergeron? Really, really hate him. He's as good an NHL defenceman as Laraque is a runway model.

-Price is doing the best he can at keeping order when his defence leaves the room.

-Speaking of which, if a dramatic comedy is a dramedy, what's a tragic comedy? Oh, right. The Habs current D.

-Cammalleri is the best sniper this team has had in recent memory. Whatever else happens, nobody can fault Gainey for bringing him in. I just wonder how long it'll take for him to realize he's gonna have a lot of hard nights in Montreal?

Notes on the first:

-I like that Mara greets the flag-bearer kids. That's nice.

-Price looked a little sheepish about accepting the Molson Cup. With Cammalleri and Plekanec looking on, I don't blame him.

-Spacek reminds me of the reply my colleague gives when asked how he is: "Not bad, for an aging fat man."

-Looks like Price is going for the points this year, with the stretch passes. Nice to see he's not treating the puck like a vial of ebola these days.

-The RDS "ay yi yi" thing is going to drive me to mute yet another Habs broadcast. Holy crap, that's annoying.

-Pavelec is damn good. Mostly damn.

-I don't know why the weirdest goals seem to go in on Price. Maybe it has to do with the Habs' D looking like the puck might explode on contact in their own end.

-No excuses on the last one, though. Twelve seconds to go? Not only does this team not have killer instinct, it also seems to lack survival instinct.

-I can see the bright point tonight being that at least I have Peverley in my pool.


Howard said...

Why do I feel like I have to adjust my colour whenever I see John Anderson?
Price made some great saves and I thought he was turning the momentum until his team left him out to dry again!

GK said...

Re Houde's "ai yi yi": only slightly less annoying than Bouchard's, "c'est pas compliqué..."

If I hear that one more time, I'm heaving my trusty brick.

Unknown said...

I'm finding it strangely easier and more enjoyable to watch the Habs this season. I no longer have expectations. I know this team's not a contender. It's fun to watch Cammy go, and Gionta sometimes. If they win a game, that's gravy.

And I agree with Howard -- Price let in 5 goals last night, but you can't really blame him. His mates were gawd-awful in front of him!