Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bolts vs. Habs - Greasy Lightning Edition

Notes on the third:

-I have to hand it to Gomez. If he played like this for an entire year, I'd give him seven million bucks too.

-Darche with the wing goal. Who's got him in their pool?

-I think the refs must have been told by the league to limit Habs PP opportunities because the results are demoralizing to the other team.

-One thing I don't like about Sergei Kostitsyn: Whenever he loses the puck, he always backs off and watches to see what happens next instead of going back after it. Nine times out of ten, what happens is the other team takes it and gets a chance.

-Markov's having his best game in a long while. There's no doubt he was really hurt...maybe not seriously, but naggingly.

-I love how the Habs are finally contesting possession in the neutral zone. They've stopped sitting back and waiting for the play to come to them every single time.

-I'd not compare Halak to Roy without sounding ridiculous, but silly things, like the poppy, slightly crazy eyes and the twitching remind me of him.

-Dummies at the Bell Centre still never learned to not sing Goodbye unless it's up by three with a minute to go. Were they not watching the Anaheim game?

-Nice game. Now to do the same for another fifteen.

Notes on the second:

-Tocchet's gangster mug dressed up in that delicate lavender shirt is like a bulldog in a tutu.

-I think Halak's suddenly handling the puck better than half his defence. Nice assist by Gill on the Stamkos goal.

-Pouliot has better hands than Liberace. He's such a good player.

-We're going to have to pause the Price vs. Halak debate long enough for the Moore vs. Metropolit one. I'm thinking Metro.

-Bad things happen when you can't clear your zone. Worse things happen when players lamely poke their sticks into the shooting lane in an ill-advised attempt to block the shot.

-Maxwell can't score, so he's getting on the official summary any way he can, I guess.

-I love it when good things happen to guys like Darche.

-Great passers are like idiot savants. Savant in that they can put a puck on any blade on the ice. Idiots in that they often don't discriminate between sticks in the clear and sticks surrounded by three opponents.

-Just noticed Martin's wearing a tie that looks like a lab experiment involving alien microbes gone bad.

-The win is there, but the defence has to get a lot tighter and the energy has to be more like the first. They're not out of the woods yet.

Notes on the first:

-Jaro looked about as happy to get the Molson Cup as he'd be to get a case of herpes.

-I'm really liking the new "score in the first minute or bust" philosophy they've adopted.

-You'd think having three out of four officials from Quebec would be a good thing. We forget half of them probably grew up as Nords fans.

-I love Markov's ability to throw the puck cross-ice on the PP, but sometimes I think he does it even when it's not the best play, just because he can.

-I can't help it. I just really like Metropolit. He's like the peanut butter on your cracker or the ice in your lemonade.

-Spacek will go a long way to avoid a hit. He does step up against the superstars, though.

-The only thing Gomez needs to be successful is a guy who goes to the net. He does all the work of dragging the puck into the zone at speed, but half the time has nobody to pass it to in front of the crease.

-Speaking of whom, Gomez' grin after he fanned on the shot that became the second goal was just a little sheepish.

-I saw a look on Muller's face for a split second tonight that made me think he'll be a good head coach some day. The happy-go-lucky mask dropped enough to see the grim competitor underneath.

-If Plekanec is out for any length of time, I will honestly believe this team is under some sort of lingering Centennial curse.


Anonymous said...

True for Halak!!

Paul B. said...

I guess no one has told SK that success comes before work only in a dictionary.

subdoxastic said...

Criticism of SK should be tempered by the knowledge that SK has already been banished once this season for not being defensively responsible.

I too get upset when players don't puruse the puck, but to criticise a player for thinking defense first, for making sure their not caught up ice-- particularly after already castigating them for lazy of selfish play is beyond rinky-dink.

But you're right Paul B. Sergei's role as checking forward and P.K. member are sure signs he's unfamiliar with work.

Sometimes I truly despair....