Monday, March 22, 2010

Sens vs. Habs - Fight For Fifth Edition

Notes on the third:

-Lapierre had a brief moment of life in the first, and now he's returned to his real role as The Crown Prince of Oblivion. It's completely unfair to hardworking players everywhere that he'll continue to hold a spot with Moen out.

-A team with no PP is like a country without an army. The Habs are becoming the Liechtenstein of the NHL.

-Andrei Kostitsyn isn't winning any fans with the coaching staff.

-What the hell happened to the PK? It was rolling along during the winning streak and now it looks like a Welcome Wagon house party.

-There are nights when no matter what you do, nothing goes in. It's a perfect storm of good goaltending, bad luck and nobody screening.

-Losing this one does not bode well for the rest of the week. Anaheim comeback be damned. I'm going to bed.

Notes on the second:

-Off topic, but I wonder if the Ducks ever regret giving up Bryzgalov for nothing?

-Whatever fire the Habs had during their win streak has been extinguished by the four-day layoff. It gave them time to relax and let the suck shine in.

-You forget what wheels Sergei Kostitsyn has until he blows by somone like a teenaged drag racer on a yellow light.

-Give that man a gold star! Spacek hit the net on the PP for the first time in twenty-five games. Still can't score though.

-I think Andrei Kostitsyn, like the Belaussian bear, smells spring and is awakening from hibernation.

-That Moen accident was just horrible. I wish these guys would wear visors.

-Halak, and the Habs lack of finish, are why this is even close.

-Who wants to bet me five bucks the next penalty call will be a make-up one on the Habs?

-Much better period by Montreal, but they have to actually put the puck IN the net in the third.

Notes on the first:

-Watching the RDS compilaton of all the MAB bullets from the point makes me think it must be all kinds of cool to be able to unleash a shot like that, then just stand there in triumph while your teammates rush you.

-Wow, Jaro's got a terrible haircut. He must go to Carbo's barber.

-Sens are super fast right off the top. I hope they're like the kids we raced in cross-country when we were in grade nine: out of the gate like rabbits, crawling across the finish like turtles.

-Jaro hasn't gotten caught on those big races for loose pucks yet, but it's gonna happen.

-Nice hit by Lapierre on Neil. Maybe he knows with Bergeron ready to come back, he's playing for his spot in the lineup.

-Thank goodness it's almost Easter. Maybe the Habs PP will rise from the dead.

-Okay, how is it delay of game to shoot the puck over the glass by accident, but it isn't when a defenceman deliberately lies down on the puck during a PK?

-Gill looking stellar, as usual, on the Regin goal. The man panics.

-It's not a good sign when your hopes for the game hang on a no-goal call after review.

-I'm seeing a lot of Habs playing hot potato with the puck to avoid getting hit. It's turning into giveaways and Ottawa chances.

-Jacques the Knife is already dressed for dancing at Studio 54 after the game. If it were 1974.

-Nice little sequence with Markov showing Kovalev which Russian is the Boss.

-Habs look like they think all the work of getting to the playoffs was done last week. They're lucky to be only down by one.


DKerr said...

Is this a case of them sucking a little bit less than us? All I hear on the radio reminds me of what I saw against TO saturday - lousy passing, alot of standing still and no passion.

Paul B. said...

Pouliot played tonight as if he was playing in a Minnesota uniform. His worst game (by far) as a Canadiens.

AK46 seems to enjoy himself on the ice as much as yours truly when it's time to pay the monthly bills.

DB said...

The last two games The Habs have been flatter than:

1) A street cops feet.
2) A 3 day old glass of beer
3) Jacques Martin's hair
4) A racoon run over by an 18 wheeler
5) A bad comedian's routine