Saturday, March 20, 2010

Habs vs. leafs - Keep the Streak Alive Edition

Notes on the third:

-Gill is just overwhelmed by speed. He has his uses, but man, is he ever scary when he's trying to clear the puck quickly in traffic.

-Pyatt isn't doing a thing for the Plekanec line. It wouldn't hurt in the third period of a game with no jump if Martin switched him out for Sergei Kostitsyn.

-If Gionta was a handbag, he'd be a clutch.

-Really, really hate leaf games.

-I'd have liked to see Pouliot in the shootout instead of Gomez for a change. Great move by Kostitsyn though.

-Damn Mitchell just owned Halak at the end. Too bad.

-Oh well, it sucks to lose to the leafs, but at least the Habs got one point to keep moving up while the leafs got two to move them lower in the draft lottery.

-I hope this is a one-off though. The Habs need to have a good week coming up.

Notes on the second:

-It amazes me that some players don't puke on the ice with some of the hits they take.

-Plekanec drops Phaneuf. He's playing like a big girl these days.

-What a desperate struggle in Halak's crease. The D has got to be better at clearing the puck out of there.

-I love Gionta, but I've seen WAY too much of his mouth guard.

-I'm still not that keen on disrupting the lineup to add Bergeron, but considering how lousy the PP is looking, it might be necessary.

-leafs have so many tools in the lineup, the ACC should be renamed The Shed.

-Excellent! The puck's going five feet over everybody's head and Gill just reaches up and snags it in his glove.

-Crappy Kessel goal. I hate those.

-What is it about playing these losers on a Saturday night that makes the Habs look like they've only recently been introduced to the game of hockey? This is the first time in ages they've been outshot like this too.

Notes on the first:

-Closeup on Halak during the anthem shows fire in the eyes.

-Habs look a little bit rusty. They want it, but they're playing a cautious game.

-Ah, Pleky! So close it's frustrating. Kind of like running out of quarters on the payphone when you know the answer to the million-dollar radio quiz question.

-I hate leaf games. They're always just chaos on ice.

-On Martin's tie collection: I can only figure he's got kids who pick them out for him for Father's Day. Or he's colour blind. Can you be pattern blind?

-Only thing I don't like about Pouliot is he'll leave the play to turn away from a hit. That's minor though, when he can do things like chip the puck behind the back to Gionta like that.

-Markov looks a little too cocky with those stretch passes. They're great if they connect, but if they don't they turn into giveaways or icings.

-Habs have blown more chances than the guys who tried to kill Rasputin.

-HNIC guys mistakenly say Jacques Lemaire rather than Martin when discussing the Habs' neutral zone play. I'll take it.

-How many times has Halak been struck in the head by teammates this year? Gill's been a bit of a liability in front of his own goalie lately.

-Gionta might not be worth five million bucks all season, but when the games get important, he earns it.


Anonymous said...

"-leafs have so many tools in the lineup, the ACC should be renamed The Shed."
One of your best so far JT-the only thing that keeps me sane is your blog.

Anvilcloud said...

"-leafs have so many tools in the lineup, the ACC should be renamed The Shed."

I see Harry already commended you for it, but I must do the same.