Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Habs vs. Rags - Bullets Over Broadway Edition

Notes on the third:

-So many open nets, so few finishers. I'm gonna bet the ice is crap or Pouliot would have cashed that one-timer that hopped over his stick.

-Habs are playing a good road game, but the first two lines aren't going to the net enough. If Andrei Kostitsyn wants to de-funk, he should try that.

-Okay, Moore is worth the second-round pick in 2011. What a sweet pass to Sergei for the goal. Took a shot in the gut to prevent a scoring chance too.

-Speaking of which, can a goal in three consecutive games be a Sergei Kostitsyn Hat Trick?

-Gill's got to be the worst puck-handler in the world. There are probably old Asian women who've never seen hockey before who can handle the puck better than him.

-Crap penalty call on Pouliot, and Pleky with the shorty to seal it on a gorgeous move. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

-If I was a Rangers fan, I'd be really, really upset tonight. Less than 20 shots at home in a must-win game? Terrible.

-As a Habs, fan, however, I'm really, really happy. The team played a fantastic road game and completely deserved to win their sixth in a row. Now we can relax for a few days, with smiles on our faces.

Notes on the second:

-Dumb old Luc Gelinas, embarrassing Metro like that. Of course Metropolit would never compare himself to Gretzky, fourth line or not.

-Horrid goal against, but it started when Gorges failed to clear and Gill screened his own goalie.

-I wish Gomez was the kind of vengeful player who really wanted to hurt the team that traded him.

-Speaking of Gomez, he's a funny player. He's wizardly when he's boxed in a corner with no room for a pass, but given a wide-open path to the net, he freezes.

-You know who's quietly playing some very responsible hockey? O'Byrne.

-Jaro scares the crap out me when he makes those veeerrrrryy long rushes out of the net to intercept a loose puck. He's going to be burned on one of those.

-I think if Spacek hits the net on a PP, Martin should give him a "Well Done, Big Boy!" sticker.

-Travis Moen always reminds me of that movie, "The Princess Bride." "Farm Boy, feed the pigs. Farm Boy, fetch me some water. Farm Boy, pound on the Rangers." "As you wish."

-Just noticed Martin's tie. Tonight it looks like a sheet of paint swatches at the reno store. Or shag carpet.

-Andrei Kostitsyn is terrible tonight. Just watch him score the winner.

-At least, I hope it's a Hab who scores the winner. They need this one.

Notes on the first:

-Pre-game shots on RDS show a very dapper and happy-looking Price getting off the team bus. Maybe he's secretly relieved to be able to rock the ball caps and look nice on the bench for a change. Nobody gets booed on the bench. Poor kid.

-Inspirational locker room talk pre-game: "Hey, Gomer, they didn't want you, Gomer. They threw you away. Get maaaad, Gomer. You too, Pie. Get maaaad, Pie."

-I have a feeling we're going to miss Cammy the Ranger Killer tonight.

-Then again, with Markov launching guided missiles from the point maybe they'll be okay.

-I can't believe the difference Moore has made to the third line. It's like a real third line, the kind good teams have.

-The RDS cameras are really far away from the ice. It's like watching from the nosebleeds.

-Habs are winning on the boards, not so much in the circles. It'd be nice to start a PP WITH the puck for a change.

-I guess Torts'll be doing some yelling. The Rags looked interested for about five minutes in that period. Habs had better be ready for a better NY push in the next period.


Paul B. said...

I don't think RDS is using their cameras and cameramen on the road. I believe they have a reciprocity agreement with the other team's broadcasters.

Camera work outside Canada is more often than not suspect, IMHO.

Anvilcloud said...

As you say, smiling .....

DKerr said...

Agree about the Pouliot call. I thought a great effort was going to be wasted by a bogus penalty call in the last minute. Gorges made up for the goal against by working that puck off the boards for Pleks finishing touch.

Unknown said...

Happy times. It's been a long time, almost a year and a half, since that good start to the 2008-9 season. Nice, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the boneheaded interview of Metro was by Renaud Lavoie, not Luc Gelinas. Both are pretty awful, however.

O'Byrne has been playing solid hockey indeed. Not coincidentally, he's playing with Markov.