Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Caps vs. Habs Game Four: Do Or Die

Notes on the third:

-Roman Hamrlik is worse than MAB, who's actually been pretty decent at moving the puck tonight. I think I might sit Hammer if Spacek is back next game.

-God, I'm still reeling from that shorty. Six seconds to go? That is the hockey equivalent of getting shot just as you jump in front of a train.

-These guys have spirit. They don't have an overabundance of successful defencemen, but they could inspire a pep squad with their effort.

-Memo to the shooters: Try stick-side on Varlamov already!

-Well, Team Tank and their number-one pick score another one. Way to go, NHL.

-Why on earth would Martin put Hamrlik and the fourth line out there right after a crushing goal? Maybe he's getting paid by the league. It must be that, because I wouldn't want to call him an idiot or anything.

-This breaks my heart. Metro is killing himself because he knows it's probably his last game at the Bell Centre, and nobody will even notice.

-Martin pulls Price with two-and-a-half to go? Great idea. It's not like the Caps are likely to score on the empty net or anything. To make it worse, Moore pots one with a minute and a half to go and they would have been within one.

-'Roid Boy Backstrom with the second empty-netter of the night. I hope they're proud.

-I feel sorry for the Bell Centre fans who rooted for their team with a full heart tonight.

-I don't care what anybody says, the Habs played their asses off tonight and deserved a better fate. I'll watch Game Five with pride.

Notes on the second:

-Backstrom on TSN appears to be sporting man-boobs. Hmmmm...

-Price is scaring me with his passes. I don't need any more fear.

-We get so upset at the reffing, but it's a hard job. Sometimes, when you're really hungover, you can't even see a guy in a red shirt being pounded to the ice right in front of you.

-Gomez can be so predictable, like when he passes at the blueline on every bloody rush. Then, he does something completely gorgeous, like hit Pouliot in the open after grappling the puck off the boards.

-I'm so glad Metropolit got back in time for the playoffs. The guy is just a big heart on skates.

-Price with the high hurdle...looking particularly athletic tonight.

-The definition of "tantalizing" is Benoit Pouliot in the clear.

-Gionta takes more abuse in the crease than A-Rod at Fenway.

-Andrei Kostitsyn is so infuriating. Markov makes a gorgeous pass to get him open and he stops on the boards and passes. Sigh.

-Things to be thankful for next Thanksgiving: My family, good health and Brian Gionta's hand-eye coordination.

-The story of the series: The Habs dominate a period and can't score. They make one defensive gaffe and the puck's in their net.

-I hate Knuble. Really, really hate him. He's this year's Umberger.

-One period for, essentially, the Habs' playoff lives. Do they have it in them to pull it off?

Notes on the first:

-I wondered if Price would have a special "playoff edition" mask and pads made up for this one.

-Whee! A penalty in the first minute! Let's make it interesting, why don't we?

-When Pleks got out of the box he started playing like his turtleneck was on fire. Burn, baby, burn!

-Jeez, Gomez, you ARE allowed to shoot once in a while. I hate when he makes that one extra pass to a guy under heavy cover.

-You knew they'd get burned on the PK sooner or later. These guys don't go four games without a power play goal. Andrei, you owe us one now.

-Cammalleri shoots like a derringer. Small, but deadly.

-Gorges demonstrating the mighty power of the poke check on Ovechkin. He's not perfect, but I love the guy.

-Good of Knuble to try and take his own goalie's head off, since the Habs are too gentlemanly to attempt it.

-Watching Cammalleri yapping on the bench makes me wonder how often he hears "Shut up, Cammy," from his teammates.

-I suspected faceoffs would be a huge issue in this series, and I think we're seeing that happen.

-What a waste of a PP. It's hard to believe Hamrlik was actually drafted as an offensive defenceman.

-Saved by the siren.


Hank M. said...

Four hits and one block in under 4 minutes of ice time...O'Byrne seems to be working hard out there. I know he's not perfect, but MAN am I glad he's playing tonight.

Anonymous said...

That second period sums it all up. Habs play their best and the Caps take a period off and they're even. Habs take a period off and they're down by four. See you next year for more of the same.

Paul B. said...

Anyone can express their dislike of MAB as much as they want but can anyone besides Markov beat him at the transition game ?

So far, tonight he has made 5-6 very nice plays getting the puck to a forward but I wonder if all those who jump on his ass when he makes a mistake, will have noticed?

Woodvid said...

I'm starting to wonder if I should reverse my opinion on leaving PK in Hamilton. Hamrlik is just brutal.

Anonymous said...

That's the last straw. Pull the goalie for a sixth attacker with 2 1/2 minutes to go then don't fight for the puck and give up an easy empty netter. This team needs to be blown up and Martin has to go NOW! How embarassing is that! Hope Gros Bill wasn't at the game to see that. I've watched the Habs for more than 50 years and this display was too leaflike for me. I give up.

MC said...

I thought the Habs played a very good game. Unfortunate to run into hot goaltending.

Anonymous said...

It's me, anon who writes with the numbered lists and doesn't like it when you give up. I think the Habs have convinced me tonight to join you on your 'give up' couch. My heart can't take it anymore. They bring me up and fill me with joy and I think, can this be it, can this be it, they WILL win won't they? Look at them play. And then comes the doom. I go so low that I can't focus and start neglecting my children. My kids need their mom back. Dinners go unmade, the pets go hungry too, living room is a mess...I can't live like this anymore. AND I've taken the habit of having two or three beers with the games while wearing that over-sized Habs jersey (I'm not even much of a drinker). I'm even swearing at the TV (in front of my boys - not good) I may pass this Friday (even though it will be one of the most disloyal things I do) because I just can't take the disappointment anymore.

They played so well though, didn't they? I feel like I'm at a funeral and while viewing the casket, I say to the person next to me, he was such a good person, wasn't he?