Saturday, April 10, 2010

leafs vs. Habs - All the Marbles Edition

Notes on OT:

-You didn't think they'd win it, did you?

-Pens or Devils next week. Awesome.

-Very nice gesture to Marouelli. I loved that you could hear what they were saying to him on the TV mics. He told Bergeron: What a cannon! And Bergeron said, "Yeah, thanks. And good luck!"

Notes on the third:

-Jaro needs to lock it down like Auntie Em locked the cellar door.

-Sorry to have pointed out Gomez' contract in the last period. He *is* playing well tonight. He's good...but SO expensive!

-Why does Andrei Kostitsyn continue with the illusion of bangs when he's bald as a bocci ball?

-I want to see a "Peter Puck" episode with Bergeron firing it. "Owwww...some guys really hit me hard!"

-Jaro's picked a helluva time to suck. Hanson on a backhand? Seriously?

-Santa's stingier than the Habs on the giveaways.

-Gorges has the best defensive sequence by a Habs D I've seen all year. Congrats on the Beauchamp award, Josh. You earned it.

-I really haven't notice Phaneuf, except on the penalty he took. Truculence perhaps overrated?

-Martin's tie tonight looks like a snail trail.

-Playoffs. Woo.

Notes on the second:

-Is it mean of me to imagine how many Coaches Corners Cherry would have spent naming all the guys killed at Vimy Ridge?

-Moen gets hit harder than the ball in the homerun derby.

-Pouliot is recovering nicely from his near-scratch experience. He must have seen the light.

-I think Jaro needs some support tonight. He looks a little bit off. Not bad, mind you...but just a little bit left of centre.

-Gill saved a potential Kessel chance. Sometimes you love him, sometimes you want to kick him.

-Lovely. Sitting on a lead halfway through the second and, predictably, the leafs tie it up. The immortal Huet quote regarding softness between the ears comes back to me on these occasions.

-Gomez won't hit sixty points this year unless there's a sudden, unforecasted explosion of Canadiens offence. Yet, eight million. Sigh.

-Moore's going hard tonight. Maybe wants to make a point to Burkie?

-It amazes me that a little guy like Bergeron can wire the puck like that, while a huge guy like Gill can't. How does that work?

-Speaking of Bergeron, he always reminds me of an emu.

-I like the way the Habs are playing, except for that unfortunate lull in the middle of the period. If they can punch one good, solid period, they're in the playoffs. leaf chaos notwithstanding.

Notes on the first:

-Okay, got my Last Game Survival Kit ready: beer, rubber Patrick Roy figure...vintage '87 edition...for luck, prayer book and tissues.

-From non-hockey-watching spouse: "It could be worse. They could have to play New Jersey to make it into the playoffs". Non-hockey-watching daughter responds: "At least the leafs suck too."

-Jaro looks nervous in the pre-game skate.

-Talk about revisionist history: Milbury on HNIC is talking about how small the Habs' forwards are, and comparing them to the three "pretty big guys" they had last year, including Koivu. Huh?

-Must be nice to be the Caps tonight. They're just resting guys and waiting to see which patsy they'll devour in the first round.

-The thing that's haunted the Habs the most all year isn't size or's a complete inability to complete a pass.

-Pleks is pushing hard tonight. He remembers the awful feeling of losing this game three years ago. You can tell he's hurt though.

-Markov! He's come to play!

-Gill's a great guy, I'm sure. And he's really good at being tall. But he cannot make a simple clearing pass to save his life.

-Oh Jaro! I knew he'd eventually get caught playing out of his net, but why did it have to be tonight??? That was the single worst goal he's given up all year. This team is cursed.

-Habs are trying. They're winning their fights on the boards and they're working hard.

-To make a Gionta, combine one part courage, one part scrap iron and two parts heart. Mix well and store on ice.

-Our guys are the better team right now. I hope Wilson doesn't fire up his bunch with some nonsense about pride or rivalry or something.


Hank M. said...

Sergei K sits in the press box and O'Byrne warms the bench...Punishment or "Strategy"?

Anonymous said...

How embarassing! Hanson, an AHL player, schools our Habs. Two years in a row in the playoffs backing in with a point for a loss. Hope the Rangers win so we don't have to play the Caps. That would really be embarassing.

Anonymous said...

A good profile of Cherry tonight in his multi-color daisie jacket showed his true colors. What a fatso!! Jesus!! No wonder he wears all those gay jackets -- a good camouflage for the weight he gained since his Bruin days. JT, you know I love your writing and if you were not married I would watch a game with you. I hope to God you don't look like Cherry!

Scott in Montreal said...

Whew! Here is our playoffs:

Round 1:
Halak starts, despite looking somewhat shaky in the last couple of games in the regular season.

Either he a) sucks, or b) plays like the demon he can be.

If a, then Price starts Game 2; otherwise, Price only starts once they have lost two in a row and/or are facing elimination.

Also, Cammy, Pleks and Hamrlik start putting up points like there's no tomorrow. Maybe Pouliot too. Habs in 7

Round 2:
The goalies trade places and finally, Price proves himself, winning 2 straight against awesome competition in a very low-scoring, high OT series. Finally, Habs in 7

Round 3: Routed by some yucky team like Ottawa.

We will all hate Jacques Martin all over again.

Anonymous said...

what are you smoking Scott?

Anonymous said...

I've come to believe that hockey is a crap-shot. At least in Montreal. If we win, like tonight (well, in our eyes we won...) then we thank God for those that played and those that were benched. If we loose, we bitch...

If I were you I would never, ever even think about the wild part. They all watch with excitement, and the meeting of the new teams is up in the air. So, let's get to the part that the crowd can see...that's all I gotta say...

Anonymous said...

Take it from me, that's way the ball rolls. So, what's your incentive to win, when the odds are against you. Do you have the balls to endure, to persevere, to crush? Everything about it is strange and wonderful, especially hanging out in the lobby after all that's been said.

Anonymous said...

The team would be playing better if the media and public expectations were not so high. This time of year the tough get going, and the Habs get nervous.

Every goaltender in the league can't be great. They can be good, but not great. How many times have you heard the press/media/fans exclaim how great the opponent's goalie played against the Habs? Then the next game against anyone that same goalie is so-so, in fact, excluding the Habs, is simply an average goalie? That is because the Habs are a perimeter team. Good goalies look great when they can see the shot and it is coming off the side. This isn't 1975 and there aren't any Leechs or Lafleurs in the clear blasting away with modified sticks at skinny pads.

Hype sucks. What sucks big time is when folks believe hype instead of their eyes. Halak is a good young goalie playing under enormous pressure. You think he isn't hearing "Halak or Price have to stand on their heads for this team to win."? Think they don't notice that the team can win when they do not allow a goal, but not when they do? Think they don't associate losing with the boos, or realize that the good times disappear pretty fast when the crowd turns on you, or worse the coach does?

Right now, right at this point in time, the Montreal Canadiens could take the Cup. Huh? Yep, they are healthy. They are sitting capable players because the coach is a moron. They have the horses. They are simply so totally, 100% "soft between the ears" that they remind me of Peron's Habs team. The best thing they could do is go off together, without the mind-**** coach, get s*** faced, and be so hung over Mondays practice is cancelled. Then have a team meeting, ignore the coach, and take it from there.

Washington? Run and gun. Big honking deal. Montreal has a more balanced lineup, a better D on average, and if Price or Halak can see any of Ovechkins shots from anywhere he is a non-factor. NJ - Avery showed how that could be done a couple years ago. Brodeur can't see it, no problem. Pittsburg? Bit of an issue because one young man wants to win more than anything. Put Laps on him, in the shower if necessary, but anywhere Crosby goes there is Laps.

The coach? He has a game plan, and a game plan is good. He is just not a motivator, he panics, and his decisions are spiteful rather than thoughtful. Ignore him and play together. It worked with Peron. Listen to him but realize he can't win games. Only relaxing and giving it everything you have will.

Whoever in 4. But man, it could have been beautiful, the stuff of legend, because the talent is there. No wonder Bob stepped down.

Anonymous said...

-Play Bergeron with Markov!!!! All the time.
They brought a very nice punch last night.
Could the awakening of Markov be related to Bergie playing with him? O'byrne has never convinced me completely playing with Markov. The fact that Markov can cover up very well for Bergie's defensive backsides could make those two a very useful weapon. This is just an idea but we definitely need something changing on defence, so this may be a start.
-Hamrlik and Spacek can use the break to fill up with some energy..and vitamins. At least one of them should be gone next year. Dividends on the investment?
-The Kostitsyns? How long does one have to wait before you decide to give up?

I very much liked the game last night and the score could...I say could..have been 5-1 for the Habs and everybody would say this is okay. Pouliot showed great signs. He may be getting back to where we want him to be. There was a desire to win last night. I liked a lot of what I saw.

-Jaro had a pretty bad night. I hope it's not a sign he does not like the pressure.

Now if they could only come out playing well in the first game of the playoffs and get the win it could get them going. I know it's a little cliche but in the Playoffs...anything goes. Didn't I see the Oilers a couple of years back totally unexpected in the finals?


Joel GH said...

This is my final judgement :

I know NOTHING about Twitter... but I'ld take a number just to have the chance to read you during a game.

Real nice comments : humor, kowledge, fine "remarques" (french definition).

Find a way. The one you prefer, but LIVE please !