Friday, May 7, 2010

Calling Female Habs Fans

Hey all...a quick request from CBC Radio in St.John's, Newfoundland. They're looking for a passionate, knowledgeable female Habs fan in Newfoundland (or an ex-pat Newfoundlander living elsewhere) to talk about the Habs playoff run on their morning show on Monday. Anybody fit the bill?

EDIT: Thanks for all the contributions. They've got someone now.


The Forum said...

Cindy Crosby...From the Maritimes and can give us a unique perspective


Anonymous said...

1) I'm female!

2) I'm knowledgeable

3) I'm passionate - oh yeah!

4) But I'm an ex-Montrealer living in California. Doesn't that count a little?

Have a great day - we won, we won, we won!!!

dwgs said...

You might want to mine your contacts in the comments section at 4HF, it's full of smart hockey chicks. (I mean that in the best possible way)

Anonymous said...

My wife Donna Rodgers-Grouchy Crazy as I am about Montreal.She never gives up on this team and watches EVERY game of the season.Contact her at would love to chat with you I know.

JoshSS said...

um... YOU!

Anonymous said...

Definitely you! You have as much knowledge & insight as anybody I know. However, Jeff Gilhooly might & should feel intimidated. He will definitely be outclassed by a country mile when it comes to hockey knowledge.

Ed from HIO

J.T. said...

@Ed: I'm already doing it. They were looking for another woman to balance out the panel. Jeff doesn't have to know hockey...he's just got to keep the rest of us from going overtime!

Anonymous said...

Great! I will definitely have to listen, & wonder if Jeff will have you on as the lead in to the national sports from Halifax, which comes on around 7:20. Let's hope that Montreal will have taken the series lead, & Jeff better not cut you off too soon. He might just be a leaf fan.

Ed from HIO

J.T. said...

@Ed: It's on at 8:20. Bob Simmons is doing it too, so it's going to be a very, very full eight minutes!