Monday, May 24, 2010

Habs vs. Flyers Game Five: Rock Me, Cammalleri

Notes on the third:

-I'm really not paying much attention to the play off the top. I'm busy toasting Habs who did well.

-Remember when the Habs used to score?

-Halak has stopped about nine breakaways in this game. He's got the big, clanking balls we like to see signed long term.

-Oh wow! Gomez, apparently, has a shot! It's like finding out Barbie has a penis, but I'll take it.

-Bergeron is a waste of oxygen in this game. And, when you consider oxygen is a very common gas in the atmosphere, you'll understand what a serious waste Bergeron is.

-The call on Metro was bull. If you thought it was bull when you watched it live, you were right.

Notes on the second:

-You know what I hate? The sterile rink names these days. I know Flyers fans will always be assholes, but they had some cachet when they were being assholes in The Spectrum. In the Wachovia Centre, they're just garden tools. And, you just know this shit wouldn't be going down in the Forum.

-Fallout Boy makes the giant giveaway on the Flyers second goal, and Pouliot lets Richards go on their third. Upgrade on the wings, anyone? At least in terms of friggin' brains?

-When Darche and Moen are on your top lines, there's a serious depth issue.

-The refs are WAY too quick on the too-many-men penalties. The extra man for the Habs was within a foot of the bench, going off, when that call was made.

-How come Montreal PPs seem to fly and Philly ones go on for hours?

-I guess Martin will be wiping his butt with the lucky tie tomorrow?

-I hate the Flyers and their fans, but it doesn't matter if the team is better than the rest of the opponents the Habs faced. It matters that they're better than the Habs, and they DO play that style our guys can't handle.

-I've opened my end-of-playoff champagne because this is the night. But, it was a helluva run.

Notes on the first:

-Gio! No shutout tonight, Leighton!

-If this is the last game of the year, at least we won't have to look at Bergeron be steamrolled off the puck on the point ever again.

-Bloody hell. This team has no luck. I've been saying all year Jaro would pay for those huge rushes out of the net after loose pucks, but what a time to pay!

-Flyers are throwing all kinds of breakaway passes between Gorges and Gill, and it's working.

-They've been good on the PK without Gorges and Pyatt tonight. I'm actually more scared of the PP than I am about the PK right now.

-Wow, Halak on Asham was a game-saver. If they were paying him by the save, he'd be taking home his money in gold nuggets.

-Not a bad period, but the lack of success on faceoffs and in winning along the boards is going to hurt them.

Pre-game notes:

-So maybe his actual wording was lost in translation, but CKAC is reporting today that Pleks is calling a win tonight. That's either the ballsiest thing he's ever done or the dumbest.

-My new theory on what's wrong with Andrei Kostitsyn: He's actually Fallout Boy. He was born just before the Chernobyl melt-down belched tons of radioactive waste on his country, killing brain cells all over the place. The dumb look and inability to think more quickly than the speed of darkness might not really be his fault.

-Cammy's loose. His twitter comments are making fun of Spacek's pants.

-I want to be just zen about this game because it's been a great run and there's no shame in being the last team standing outside the Finals. I can't though. I want it because I hate the Flyers so, so much.

-Two things for tonight: don't get shut out, and don't give those bloody Flyers fans anything to Ole about. Oh, and no dumbass penalties to suck the life out of the team before it gets going.

-The importance of the first goal is true for every team, but for the Habs it's the difference between life and elimination.


Anonymous said...

4:31 in the second and the Octopuss is already -3. Will he end up at minus 5, -6 or minus 7 ?

And all we hear is MAB bashing...

NorCalVol said...

Did Gionta have the golden chance with 1:20 left in the 2nd that it appeared to me? He didn't/couldn't pull the trigger.

The feeling of impending doom is so heavy it makes the body and mind listless. I can't even get up off the couch to go to the bathroom between periods...

NorCalVol said...

Forget the dread - I've decided to go out in style: I'm taking my Habs jersey I purchased at the Forum in 1983 and wearing it for this last period - this playoff run was too much fun to sulk and simmer.

Anonymous said...

Well time to think about rebuilding for next year.Like spoiled brat..I will not be watching the finals.Only to hope on the results that the Hawks win over these bastards.

Humberto said...

This BLOWS!!!!!
I hate this loss, but i take solace in richards picking up that trophy so that only means they will lose now.

what a great run by the Habs, unbelievable.

Rock on the Rock said...

Now it's over.

When you wait for the PERFECT SHOT it usually comes in training camp.

See you in the Autumn.

Rock on............

NorCalVol said...

The Habs never quit - the third period took a bit of the bile taste away. The players are to be thanked for providing exciting hockey for over a month.

It's over - the narcotic effect of these playoffs on me will be long to wear off. It was a blast of obsession, anxiety, exhilaration, and a lot of fun.

Congratulations to the good folks of Montreal and all Habs fans everywhere around the globe - you have to be proud.

No hanging head here.

Anonymous said...

The Hawks will take care of the Philly fans and hoist the cup in game four. Only wish Richards was a Hab.

Anonymous said...

This team came in 3rd out of 16 teams and lasted longer than some good teams. Now I hope Chicago especially Byfuglien takes out the Flyers.
The Habs sput up a good fight

Paul B. said...

I wonder if MAB is also responsible for the financial crisis in Greece, the oil spill in Louisiana and while we're at it, could it be a suspect in the last murder that took place in Montreal ?

MC said...

I knew we were done when at one point in the first period I said to myself "Darche looks fast tonight". And then I realized if Darche is looking fast, the Habs must be out of gas.

Overall it was a great run. The Habs are at least a year ahead of schedule on the complete tear-down and re-build. The most valuable result of this playoff run is knowing exactly what they have for personnel; who can help you win and who can't. With a few tweaks, this team could be fun again next year.