Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Habs vs. Pens Game Seven: There WILL Be Handshakes

Notes on the third:

-Biggest PK of the entire series. If they kill this, they can lock it down. Maybe.

-I'm getting too scared to write.

-Pleks has been owning Crosby all series on faceoffs, now suddenly he's getting booted from every draw. Nah, no conspiracy at all.

-Whoever said Brian Gionta was overpaid at five million a year should panhandle to get him a bonus. He's a hero.


-From the non-hockey-watching spouse: Can Martin wash his shirt now?

-I don't know if it's more fulfilling to watch the Habs win or listen to Bob Cole call the last five minutes in a state of depression.

-Gainey's SMILING in the press box. I didn't know that happened.

-Wow. I love this team.

Notes on the second:

-Good eye on Cherry. He noticed Martin and Muller are wearing the same ties from Game Seven against the Caps and in Game Six this series.

-I can't shake the nerves. I keep thinking the biggest lead the Habs have had in these playoffs was 4-1 against Washington, and we know how that turned out.

-Wow! Cammalleri just earned next year's money too! That started with a very nice forecheck and steal by Andrei Kostitsyn. Good on him.

-Best comment of the night from Galley on HNIC on Gonchar's play against Moen for the shorthanded goal: "What is he, a matador?" If he is, Moen's the bull. Ole!

-Announcers talking about the Pens trying to change their luck. It's not their luck they need to worry about, it's their work ethic. Habs' pluggers are playing better.

-Kunitz' goal off the referee. How apropos.

-If Travis Moen isn't a star of this game, win or lose, the scales of justice are weighed down by Crosby's tears.

-Josh Gorges is a demi-god in the hierarchy of the Habs religion.

-Staal is a beast. I thought the Habs should have traded AK for Staal last summer, but, there you go.

-What the hell was that call on Gorges at the end? Oh, right, the league's team needs a goal. Damn.

Notes on the first:

-Ooh...I don't like scratching O'Byrne. If Gill's not a hundred percent, they'll regret dressing only five D and MAB.

-Habs look nervous, like all the talk about having nothing to lose has been forgotten in the realization that they have something to win.

-What a start! Subban! Gionta! Crosby in the box!

-Pens fans booing offsides already.

-Gill playing with FIFTY stitches in his leg. He's either going to be the heroic story of the playoffs or the one-legged goat.

-With the way the puck was jumping over the Habs blueline during the Pens PP, there's either really bad ice or the Pens are clutching their sticks hard enough to leave scars.

-Moore's making a very pleasant habit of scoring the second goal in Game Sevens. That one was on Orpik though, who was more interested in roughing up Lappy behind the net than protecting his goalie. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have an actual big-league agitator there.

-JARO! If I didn't have a heart attack on that rush out of his net, I'll live to be a hundred.

-Great period! Two more like that, please.

Pre-game notes:

-Really, really nervous, but in my saner moments I think this team can actually do this.

-Four keys to winning: Score the first goal, stay out of the box, get strong goaltending and bury chances. The D and the emotion will take care of itself.

-I love how the Habs seem to be really enjoying themselves. Their pre-game comments, to a man, included the same words: "We're not ready to go home yet." Sometimes, feeling joy in a task rather than fear can make the difference.

-I don't like Tim Peel reffing this game. He's the second-worst ref in the league, behind our old buddy Chris Lee.

-Thinking about not having my usual second-period beer tonight, out of a probably misguided idea of experiencing the full range of emotion in this game, without artificial warm and fuzzies. I guess whatever happens in the first will dictate the decision.

-It's good to see Gill likely back. It would have been too easy for Bylsma to match Crosby/Malkin against Bergeron with last change.


Anonymous said...

If Gill plays I would sit Metro and keep Darche in. I like his physical play. But then again I'm no coach so what do I know? I'm just a fan with high hopes and best wishes for the Habs.

punkster said...

The boys will be fine tonight.

NorCalVol said...

It was the Pens that looked nervous for the first two-thirds of the 1st.
JT, I thought of your post a couple of days ago addressing the Habs' lack of puck-handling skills in their own end. They sure looked much better for most of the 1st - able to pass their way out into space instead of dumping, dumping, dumping.
I'm standing on my head with all fingers and toes crossed while holding my breath. Habs - just keep working your tails off, brothers...

Anonymous said...

mr trivia says:

the no o'byrne scares me too.
but now we have a 2 goal lead.

i'm no so scared anymore.


Kez said...

First period over and I'm more nervous now than before the puck dropped.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's why I'm not a coach. It never occured to me to scratch O'Byrne.

Anonymous said...

I am losing it out here in Germany......

NorCalVol said...

4-0. And then I-Can't-Remember-Who decides to pass to AK46 on a 2-on-1 instead of taking the shot that could have won the game right then and there. The Pens find a lifeline and we find ourselves in a f***ing war. Then Georges is the recipient of a make-up call to have the 3rd start with a 4-on-3.
The 3rd is going to be a period that will not be for the faint of heart.

Anonymous said...

Hey JT - did you have your second period beer?

Unknown said...

Argh, 4-0 lead turns into 4-2. Why does this team always find a way to make things stressful??

Theo McLauchlin said...

Aww, JT. You missed a chance for a sweet 90s music reference. Eagle-Eye Cherry? Come on. :)

Hey, I see you have a reader in Germany; I'm in Spain. Habs fans: everywhere.

NorCalVol said...


I feel like I'm insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Habs - you richly deserved this.

Anonymous said...

I definitely lost it

Anonymous said...

It's never been so sweet to read your posts J.T.! Go HABS GO!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my.

Rock on the Rock said...

Feels just a LOT more like 93! Freakin' awesome! Habs fan since 1967; this is up there with Rookie Dryden, "don't worry about me, go score the goals" 10 straight OT wins Roy !