Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pens vs. Habs Game Four: Home Ice Is Supposed To Be Good

Notes on the third:

-If they're going down, I hope they go down swinging.

-I wonder if there's a Hab dirty enough to slash Staal's foot? Probably not.

-See Martin? See what happens when you actually put your Darche on the line?

-Letang! Thanks, man. Your compatriots will stand you a beer later.

-Boarding on Gionta? Seriously? That's like putting down a savage chihuahua.

-I can't believe this one-sided reffing. I just can't.

-Andrei Kostitsyn looks glad his pain-in-the-ass brother has been banished. This is the best he's played since his hat-trick in Washington.

-Lapierre and Darche were channelling the Flying Frenchmen in that period. There are new heroes every night.

-I think I broke a bone in my hand clapping when Jaro cleared it with ten seconds to go.

-It's on now, Bettman.

Notes on the second:

-You know you're the underdog when: MAB is on the PK.

-Is it me, or do Pens powerplays seem to last a really long time? Maybe it's just because there are so many of them.

-Well-timed bump of the net by Gorges. Good thing the ref didn't see that.

-The only thing the Habs PP did was give Malkin two minutes of rest.

-There are a lot of infractions being let go here. Most of them by Penguins. Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist or anything, but this isn't very balanced.

-Completing more than one pass in a row would be really helpful. This is like building a Lego house when all you've got are the single squares.

-In twenty minutes we'll know if the Habs are playing next week or not.

Notes on the first:

-Amazing. You couldn't even hear Halak's name during the introductions. Subban's ovation was almost as loud.

-Testy start. Looks like the Habs are walking a tightrope between guarding against defensive mistakes and trying to jump on offensive chances. It's a tough way to make anything happen.

-Well, if someone's gonna score a craptacular goal like that, I'm really, really glad it's our team. Once again, the eternal truth: Good things happen when you put it on the net.

-Brutal play on the Dupuis goal. Not PK's fault though; he had the legs taken out from under him.

-Gill has GOT to stay out of the box. Apparently, he's the only one who can kill penalties. That PP goal should never have happened, though, if the proper call had been made on the little whining bitch when he tripped Hamrlik. Awful calls, and awful luck.

-Fleury is perfectly protected because the Habs can't even get into his zone at all, never mind with sustained pressure.

-How many times have we seen this game this year? Can't get it out of their own zone, can't get it into the other team's. Sigh.

-Does Gomez EVER score when he finds himself in the clear?

-Wonderful. Gill breaks the whiny little bitch's stick, so he'll sit. PP goal for them coming up to start the second.

-Six shots. Six. They're getting murdered.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the Habs can't play all their games on the road. They seriously stink at home.

Anonymous said...

"there are a lot of infractions being let go here. Most of them by Penguins. Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist or anything, but this isn't very balanced.

NBC would really be unhappy should the little whiny bitch is not part of their next broadcasts.

Gawd, I'm so fed up of those Wallmart greeters, at the Montreal blue line. We need someone who can charge the opponents some sort of admission price.

Anonymous said...

The first goal was scored by Talbot, not Dupuis. Ah, those French guys. They all look alike...

Paul B. said...

Where's the damn nitro when you need it ?

Anonymous said...

I thought I hated Ovechkin more than Crosby-NOT !!
Whining little BITCH-best description yet,way to go JT.
I hate the f'en Penguins so much............


NorCalVol said...

My God! After getting their asses kicked all over the ice for two periods, Montreal showed their heart and soul in the third. Not only did Gionta's fluke in the third even things up for Kunitz's accident in the first, but the Habs in the final 20 all of a sudden hit like hammers, killed off penalties, and actually controlled possession and penetrated the Pens zone on multiple passing rushes.
It was breathless.
And then there was Halak - what a f*cking warrior.
They're all warriors.
This team never, never, NEVER GIVES UP.
Nor should we, EVER.

The Forum said...

Poor Cindy - I expert her to amp up the whining now that the Pens have something to worry about.

How can Canada's hero be such a little wuss...

Anonymous said...

Incredible come back.

In your little poll pre-playoff J.T. I answered that the best thing for the Habs was their never-give-up attitude, and I sure stand by it. Those guys just never give up.

And just like that... did anyone ever see CBC take such a stance against reffing even when the Leafs are playing? To go to such extent as showing a bunch of 'non-calls', 2 of which directly lead to the 2 Pens goals...

But the reffing definitely was very, VERY brutal. I don't remember ever seeing such one-sided reffing. Usually they're aweful but mostly equal in their awefulness. Tonight Pens had basically immunity to do whatever the hell they wanted (actually their calls, like Malkin's on Halak, were some of the things they could have let go with nobody complaining).

Anonymous said...

Gorges sensational forcing Malkin to a week shot on the break. Give the kid the "C" next year he's earned it. With Darche the Habs have a fourth line and can win this series. I love my Montreal Devils!!!!!

Patrick said...

Cindy Crosbitch got trapped. Ref were horrible. Big hearts prevailed.

I'd love seeing the C on Georges. (Next candidate would be Gionta.)

Go Habs Go!

DKerr said...

Adding one to the ref bashing - 2 plus minutes to go, Pens buzzing in the Habs end and Moen pushes the puck past the Dman on the blueline. Once he hops by the guy he has clear sailing into Pittsburgh's zone. But no, tackled without a call. The guys fought through it and had some great shifts in Pitt's zone to kill most of the clock.

Agree with previous post: Gorges came out of nowhere to dive at Malkin's chance. He does deserve huge consideration for that C.

Anonymous said...

1) Is it just me or does Malkin look like Shrek?

2) Cindy Crosbaby, where are you???

3) Letang...I love our new Letang player. Hey, he assisted a goal tonight and was that not him who assisted one of Cammi's goal a game or two ago?

4) Thank you, God. You answered my call. I sincerely thank you. Can I ask you to give us two more wins? I know, I feel sooooo bad asking, but just these next two then I'll leave you alone. I don't care about the cup, really, I don't. It's about stopping the Pens for me. Thanks.

5) Was there debris thrown on the ice tonight for all the missed calls? I didn't seem to see that!