Monday, May 10, 2010

Pens vs. Habs Game Six: Wishin' and Hopin'

Notes on the third:

-I hate it when a PP is split between periods. The centre-ice faceoff just kills momentum.

-The call on Moore for crosschecking is in the top three for "Lamest Penalty Call of the Post-Season." If you think that's the one, call or text your votes to 1-800-REFS-SUCK.

-Pyatt kills penalties like a rabid tabby kills songbirds.

-Bergeron seduces us with his shot, like a starlet with a spectacular rack. But, without the shot, MAB is wretched, like the starlet when the cleavage starts to widen and all that's left is a lot of bleach and ill-fitting lingerie.

-.Lapierre is one of the guys who give credence to the theory that guys who grew up loving the Habs play harder when it really counts. There are uglier Picassos than that goal.

-Honestly, don't the refs EVER get sick of listening to that friggin' Crosby whine? EVER?

-I can't believe a raw rookie like Subban is playing the way he is. Is this how it felt to watch Dryden in '71?

-What a game. I love this team.

Notes on the second:

-Gill's absence is noticable because Crosby is noticable. You can tell there's nobody on the ice with a ten-foot stick tonight.

-Jaro had better be talking to his posts and saying "well done."

-Ah...what an unfortunate goal to allow! Then again, I guess it balances out when the Pens probably should have scored three others.

-Shooting from one step inside the blue line isn't cutting it, Gomez.

-Cammalleri defies the people who say size is an issue. Eleven goals in thirteen playoff games say he earns his money. And I love how he never freaks out after he scores. It's always, "So? There's more where that came from."

-Andrei Kostitsyn is wearing the title belt for World's Super Most Frustrating Player Ever that he won from Alex Kovalev. Makes that lovely pass to Cammy for the second goal, then makes an idiotic pass in his own zone that nearly costs a goal.

-Spacek actually hit the net on a point shot. Can he play every game with vertigo? Oh, and how about the irony...he scores and they play "Vertigo."

-What a push-back. Can they hold 'em off for another twenty? If Big Jean can work the mind-meld on Crosby from the fourth row, I think they can.

Notes on the first:

-If Spacek gets dizzy and has to puke, I hope it's on Crosby.

-Cammy! The finisher is back. Gorgeous no-look pass by Pleks too.

-Stupid too-many-men penalty, but a great, great kill.

-Terrible bench management on the Crosby (blech) goal. Martin CANNOT have Bergeron and Pouliot out there against that line.

-Oh, Pleks! Roughing? Really? He should know by now you can't touch the Pens because there will NOT be offsetting minors in situations like that.

-I think Pouliot has no peripheral vision. I've lost count of his neutral-zone giveaways.

-I loved the tight shot on RDS of Crosby one-on-one with Subban along the boards. PK matched his every move. Looked like Fred and Ginger there.

-Serious question: Does anybody remember Gomez EVER potting one in a wide-open net?

-Spatch saved his own ass there, with the great diving stick check after getting caught. He's not looking too bad so far.

-Hope is still alive.


Habs said...

Gomez u just made me sick, Y 7mill and that??!!??...

Anonymous said...

Spacek: Was that the shot we've been waiting for, since early October ?

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic period! Looking as good as dead in the first, the Montreal Canadiens played the gutsiest, most passionate period of hockey I can remember. This is truly a team and I can only imagine the spirit in the locker room. Win or lose they are scaring the crap out of the crybaby and the rest of the Penguins. This feels like destiny with the Habs getting healthy for the Stanley Cup Finals. Bob Gainey deserves to see HIS team all on the ice at the same time. Thanks Bob for giving us fans a wonderful group to cheer.

Anonymous said...

I hated the entire season. 82 crappy games and the Habs back in and then Cinderella went to the Ball. DESTINY!

Anonymous said...

As far as the Dryden comparison goes I guess it's similar but Dryden didn't say a word. Subban appears to take charge before the important faceoffs telling the center where he wants the puck to exit the zone. This is unbelieveable when you consider Henri Richard didn't say a word during his first few years. This kid could be captain very soon. I wonder if Red Fisher will keep to his rule of not speaking to rookies?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!!!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome. Everything from here on in is just gravy. I sure hope we see a lot of gravy!

Larry said...

I remember Dryden in 71. I was only 6 years old but the excitement of my father and grandfather are still vivid. PK is bringing back that magic. That is the beauty of sport, you can pull back those wonderful memories in an instant.
Thanks as always for your great comments J.T.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Crosby wishes he played in Montreal after that 2 minute TV timeout standing ovation. This is Canada's team. These are Canada's fans!

NorCalVol said...

Oh baby!
That second period was the greatest theater I've seen on ice since the Olympic final.
This is spell-binding stuff. I was hoping the Habs could give the home folks a top-shelf performance, and it was better than that - propelling them to another Game 7.
Just when you thought we were stomping those bastards and getting ready to sit on their chest to not let them up, they get a slightly deflected shot that beats Halak. Thank God for that fourth-goal cushion.
I watched the game on Versus - Doc had a great line when in the third Subban did a little spin move to allow him to carry the puck into the Pens zone - "Somewhere, Serge Savard must be smiling."
PK Subban - is this what it was like to see Bobby Orr come out of Parry Sound?
On to Shitsburgh - I don't care anymore because I KNOW that the Habs will leave nothing on the ice. That's all any of us could ask of them, which is pretty much more of the same that they've given us for the vast majority of each of the last 13 games.
The faces on the Pens players tonight: they either looked like they knew they had a Game 7 at home in front of their crap fans, or they were genuinely in shock.
Better yet - wasn't that bloody gash on Cooke-the-Goon's nose a beautiful sight?!?
I, like you JT, love this team. May the fun not end on Wednesday. It just wouldn't be right.

Anonymous said...

I was one who thought it better not to bring up Subban but let him finish up his great rookie season in the AHL. He played 29 min 11 sec leading all players in an elimination game against the Champs covering the Crybaby like a blanket. Boy was I wrong!

Rock on the Rock said...

WOW (still speechless - don't want to jinx ANYTHING). Danny's heart doctor worked.....

MC said...

Michael Cammalleri. Superstar.

And Subban playing 29 freakin' minutes to lead all Habs while containing the best player in the world all his 10th NHL game! A year ago he was playing junior hockey in Belleville. Unbelievable.

Unknown said...

J.T., I love your blog, but there are *some things* I'd rather not be suggested to my imagination, 'specially concerning MAB!