Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bruins vs. Habs - Game Four

Notes on the third:

-Both of Bergeron's goals in this series have been scored because Gomez was supposed to be checking him and lost him.

-Habs finally get a PP and Subban buries it deeper than the original Jerusalem.

-Losing all the faceoffs is very worrisome.

-My hands are shaking too hard to type. How the hell did that scramble not result in a Bs goal?

-And after ten minutes of the Habs playing to not lose, the Bs tie it up. Moen's been softer than baby jammies on the boards in this period.

-What a chance to take it on the late PP. OT may kill me.

Notes on the second:

-If the Canadiens had three more of White, they'd be unstoppable.

-Oh man. Ryder? Price has to have that one, although it didn't help that Spacek was totally caught.

-Necessary in-game adjustment: Get Moen OFF the Gomez/Gionta line. He's now missed FOUR open nets.

-Cammalleri! The first attempt would have been pure gold, but the second one still counts. It's kind of like if The Godfather Three came out first.

-And Kostitsyn! Stick on the ice and boom! It's great to see him smile.

-Uh oh. The two-goal lead is affecting the urgency in a bad way.

-And just as I type that, a long floater beats Price over the glove. Hammer makes a better door than a window.

-Price looks shaky. He's looking around a lot and dropping the puck when he's got it.

-Charming, yet expected, Bruins behaviour out of Ference in giving the fans the finger.

-And the Bruins tie it up because neither Gomez or Hamrlik wanted to take a hit.

-I'm not confident about the third.

Notes on the first:

-I'm more nervous than a spinster librarian in a frat house.

-During the anthems, Price is stretching in a way he never does. Cammalleri looks like he wants to drill holes in the ice with his eyes.

-Tentative start for both teams. They feel this one is pretty momentous.

-Fabulous work by Desharnais and Cammalleri, and Sopel picks a great time to nail his first as a Hab.

-On the shift right after the goal, Eller wove through the Bs like a Turkish carpet maker.

-Poor Moen. Always in the right place, but has the finish of a split log.

-Gionta's like a make-and-break motor: Not that big, but rarely quits and gets you home through the storm.

-Gomez looks alive tonight.

-DD's taking the puck off Chara on the PK is literally David vs.Goliath. He could tell you what kind of deoderant Chara wears...if he wore any.

-Nice period. I have a feeling the Habs'll need another couple of goals to make this stand up.


v said...

Desharnais pinning Chara on the boards was the highlight of the season.

Anonymous said...

Hope between the period Jacques tell his D-men NOT to give up the blue line. Right now,Bruins are entering the zone like university jock enter the topless!!!

Anonymous said...

Spacek played one of the worse playoff game in the history of hockey!!! what was he doing on the winning goal, following the guy behind the net???

Larry said...

No notes on OT? I hear ya. I am so frustrated with how we lost this game I am beyond words myself

Larry said...

I cannot remember a more disappointing loss. This is just brutal.

DanielleJam said...




Otherwise our bogs were on FIRE and I will NOT give up hope.

Anonymous said...

And the worst comment from Jacques Martin....he said in the press conference that if he was told prior to the series, that it would be tied 2-2 he would be happy???? can you be happy to lose a 2-0 series lead?

Anonymous said...

Michael Ryder? Really?

Fukushima 2

Giving up the lead three times? Really?

Moen and Spacek were horrendous but what about Hamrlik?

T E R R I B L E ! Wizniewcki was a better defensive D-man than Spacek and Hamrlik....