Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hawks vs.Habs - Clinch Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Pleks would have so many more assists if his linemates hate even a vague intention of finishing.

-If Moen's getting paid by the number of puck battles he wins on the boards, he's using the food bank on the weekends.

-This is hurting my heart in a similar way to playoff hockey.

-Pyatt and Moen on a break. Now, there's a threat.

-Toews just stole the go-ahead goal from AK. But at least Kostitsyn was in a position to get robbed.

-Then Crawford steals the go-ahead goal from AK.

-Then AK gets boned by the refs on a marginal holding call that'll probably decide the game. I hate the refs.

-Nope. Solid kill. Whew.

-Why couldn't THIS be the game I attended?

-This is the kind of game in which you could forgive Gomez a lot if he'd score the winner.

-Two minutes to go. I swear to God, if there's a penalty call now, I'm committing reficide.

-I swear I wrote "third and OT" before the period even started.

-If this goes to shootout, I fear Toews.

-What a play by Subban on Toews! He's the only Habs' D who could have possibly made that play.

-And then he scores the goal. I've been revived about nine times tonight.

Notes on the second:

-This game is really even so far. Even the PP ends up in a 4-on-4.

-Nobody's really getting into Crawford's space. Habs should be crowding him like a Tokyo subway.

-Cammalleri finds twine off a killer pass by AK. Those guys are hopefully getting into playoff form.

-Immediately after the goal, Pouliot had a couple of great two-on-one chances, saw the other one was Moen and just shot.

-What a piece of crap call on Kostitsyn, who by, the way, has been connecting on passes with micro-surgery accuracy tonight.

-Price saved his own ass. Physician, heal thyself!

-P.K. is the picture of guilt on his way to the box after taking a DOG penalty. Catholics could meditate on him during Lent.

-Price is auditioning for the role of "Jaro Halak" in the play "Habs Playoff Chances."

-Other than the Darche gaffe on the Kane goal, the period has been a real playoff special. Anyone's to take in the third.

Notes on the first:

-Wow! Just saw the stat that Subban is two goals shy of the team record for rookie Ds. What a nice coup it would be for him to beat out Lapointe!

-Ugh. Early on, Mopel is looking more lost than the cast of Lost.

-Non-hockey-watching spouse: "Don't worry. We got Gomez."

-Does Pierre Houde not know Gionta's name has three syallables? He calls him "John-Ta"

-Great up and down action. The Habs look like a playoff team here.

-Subban just trying to do too much gets called. We forget he's just a kid.

-Not good. Seventy-six trombones led the big parade (to the box.)

-Habs are looking competitive, but they have to stop being stupid if they're going to win this.

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dusty said...

What fantastic hockey! This is the game we all love. And they won too. Subban bounces off Price like a rag doll. I guess it's all the padding he's wearing. So good to see the joy of these two young guys. It's gotta be catching. Playoffs baby. I take back all my negative comments. I love these guys.