Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bruins vs.Habs - Game Six

Notes on the third:

-Way too much scary Bruin pressure. Something's gotta give, sooner or later.

-PRICE! He just made up for the lousy goal he allowed.

-They're fighting for this. You have to give them credit.

-Interesting. Martin has Cammalleri taking draws instead of Plekanec on that line.

-Halfway through the period and still the one-goal lead is holding up. It can't last forever. Right?

-Considering the mismatch on faceoffs, it's amazing the Habs are even in this series.

-Holy crap! They're coming SO close!

-Thanks Chris Lee, for catching Kelly with three to go. That'll help.

-Wow. Back to Boston. Happy birthday to me!

Notes on the second:

-Terrible goal for Price to allow. Really deflating.

-Spacek! Oh no. If the Habs had a theme song in this playoffs, it'd be Another One Bites the Dust.

-Lucic gets the boot. Not that he's been a big threat anyhow.

-Eller's playing like one of his Norse ancestors, bloodied and battered and still pillaging.

-Gionta!! The man has better hand-eye coordination than Mr.Miagi catching a fly with chopsticks.

-The penalty parade is on in full force. Good thing the Bs PP is as effective as a chicken wire condom.

-Amazing that last Bruins chance stayed out. They'll have nightmares about that if they don't win.

-Full credit to the wounded Habs for a great shot at taking this one.

Notes on the first:

-It's kind of sad that a goalie can have a 2.00 GAA and a .938 SV%, and still have only a 2-3 record.

-The poor Habs. They're so beaten and battered.

-And with the typical luck of this series, Chris Lee blows down a loose puck and robs the Habs of a goal.

-I don't blame them for throwing the stupid rally towels on the ice. How can you beat the refs as well as the Bruins?

-Now Eller's gone too. A win tonight would be nothing short of a miracle.

-If Cammalleri shot that puck at McQuaid's foot on purpose to create a too-may-men call, he's a bloody genius.

-And the bullet shot beats Thomas to make up for the Great Ref Ripoff.

-I hope Gill thanked P.K. for saving his and AK's bacon on the Lucic break.

-Kostitsyn's playing particularly dumb tonight, which is saying a lot.

-Good period. Surely the Bs will push back with more in the second, though.


Anonymous said...

What's the point of this blind side hit rule? Really, it doesn't do a thing...


Pete said...

Now THATS a birthday gift! Great win. Happy birthday JT

Ian said...

Happy Birthday, Leigh Anne. Finally an awesome ending to it for you to celebrate!

isabellapasbelle said...

I thought the same thing about Cammy taking the draw and then I figured it out: since the first Habs center always gets tossed out of the draw, well it's a good way to get Plekanec to finally take one...

Larry said...

An exorcism of sorts for birthdays past. Good for you Leigh Anne.
Really proud of the guys tonight. An awesome effort. Game 7, I'm not sure,but if there is any justice we should win it.

Anonymous said...

Cammalleri on the faceoff because they know they throw the first one off the circle anyway: might as well have your winger replaced by your center than the other way around. I've been wondering why they don't do that more...

Anywho, way to go Habs, one more before Washington!

dusty said...

Actually, I think a chicken wire condom would be very effective. The thought of it has me doubled over in pain just trying to imagine how to put it on. That would kill the mood for me.

Habs delivered a gift for you after all. If only they had a few more scorers they could beat anybody with their heart.

Larry said...

I am sure Carey would like that goal back, but man oh man is he close to four shutouts in this series. Game two it was one bad play by Gomez, one lapse tonight cost him and game five it was just one over four periods. He so deserves to win this series.

JF said...

What a birthday present! Many happy returns, J.T.! And please keep blogging; I love your writing.

Hansolo said...

Happy birthday, JT!

Mike Safoniuk said...

Happy birthday JT! What a nice gift from the Habs....